Battle of Polestar
  • Battle of Polestar - Unleash Your Power with Cheat Codes!

    Prepare to embark on an epic interstellar adventure in the world of Battle of Polestar. As the universe faces planetary crises and darkness looms, you have the opportunity to shine your light and save the cosmos from the Stardust Cataclysm. Explore the magnificent galaxy, choose your path, and rise to cosmic hegemony with these cheat codes by your side!

    Harness the Power of Cheat Codes:

    Supreme VIP 5 - o3SS2LOJdE: Ascend to the pinnacle of VIP status with this cheat code. Unlock exclusive benefits and privileges that will make your journey through the galaxy smoother and more rewarding. Enjoy enhanced resource collection, faster progression, and special rewards.

    Gold VIP 4 - NI509Ho6Bb: Attain Gold VIP status using this cheat code. As a Gold VIP, you'll enjoy increased resource income and exclusive access to in-game advantages. Your path to becoming a legendary cosmic hero is now even more lucrative.

    Platinum VIP 3 - MJdGUCEE5o: Elevate your status to Platinum VIP with this cheat code. Platinum VIPs are entitled to numerous in-game privileges, including faster leveling and resource acquisition. Your cosmic journey is now marked by opulence and power.

    Gear set - 6jju2r8XrB: Acquire a powerful gear set using this cheat code. Outfit yourself with advanced equipment that provides substantial stat boosts and makes you a force to be reckoned with in battles across the galaxy. Defeat your foes with style and efficiency.

    5000 star diamonds - S3ZxZgS5ho: Obtain 5000 star diamonds with this cheat code. Star diamonds are the premium currency of the universe, granting you access to exclusive items, character enhancements, and customization options. Enhance your cosmic hero with these valuable gems.

    Unlock exclusive socket slots - w2djjs36Bm: Unlock exclusive socket slots with this cheat code. Customize your equipment to perfection by adding additional socket slots, allowing you to insert powerful gems and further boost your character's capabilities. Your gear will become a true masterpiece of the cosmos.

    Exclusive Demon lords - UfT5lGK1BB: Summon exclusive Demon lords with this cheat code. These fearsome allies will fight alongside you in battles against the forces of darkness. Each Demon lord possesses unique abilities and strengths, making them invaluable companions in your quest to save the universe.

    Premium vehicle - JNotmM77kS: Obtain a premium vehicle with this cheat code. Glide through the cosmos in style and with unparalleled speed. Your premium vehicle not only offers enhanced mobility but also adds to your cosmic prestige. Explore the vast galaxy with unmatched grace.

    Enhance - NqpxjdjFof: Enhance your equipment and abilities with this cheat code. Invest in enhancing your gear to unlock its full potential. Strengthen your character's stats, skills, and combat prowess to become a cosmic powerhouse. Defend the universe with unrivaled strength.

    VIP 5 war general title - 6nT6ZicKk8: Attain the prestigious VIP 5 war general title with this cheat code. Showcase your leadership and strategic prowess as you rise to the top of the cosmic hierarchy. Your influence extends far and wide, and your reputation as a war general is unrivaled.

    Unlock all special titles - rF8QTdWazA: Unlock all special titles with this cheat code. Display your numerous achievements and accolades proudly. Each special title represents a milestone in your cosmic journey, highlighting your contributions to the universe's salvation. Become a legend among cosmic heroes.

    Random Wings - apSBCDocVL: Acquire random wings using this cheat code. Enhance your character's appearance and abilities with these mystical wings that grant you unique powers. Wings not only bestow visual splendor but also provide gameplay benefits, ensuring you're both stylish and formidable.

    Unleash Your Cosmic Power in Battle of Polestar!

    Battle of Polestar offers a magnificent galaxy to explore, and these cheat codes will empower your journey to become a cosmic hero. Ascend to greatness, save the universe, and shine your light across the stars!

    More About "Battle of Polestar":

    • Category: Role Playing

    • Languages: English

    • Status: Official Launch - SEA - EN + APK

    • Size: 4.61 GB

    • Internet: Online

    • Platform: Android | iOS

    • Game Traits: Interstellar adventure, cosmic battles, and destiny-defining challenges.

    With these cheat codes in your arsenal, you'll be equipped to conquer the darkness and become a legend in the Battle of Polestar. Join the cosmic battle and shape the fate of the universe!

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