• xTactics - Lead Your Squad to Cyberpunk Victory!

    Dive into the thrilling universe of xTactics, an Innovative turn-based strategy game that revamps the traditional style gameplay with an intoxicating cyberpunk theme. xTactics holds a unique position in the Tactical RPG realm, providing an unparalleled squad-based combat experience, enriched by fully destructible environments and a diverse range of compelling heroes.

    Create Your Ideal Squad

    xTactics lets you build many different squad combinations using an assortment of unique heroes. Master strategic gameplay in this squad-based combat game. Experiment with team compositions to gain an advantage and emerge victorious in this immersive strategy RPG.

    Engage in Turn-Based Battles

    Embrace the adrenaline of fast-paced session battles in xTactics, a fresh concept in the mobile turn-based strategy game genre. Dynamic environments and a diverse cast of heroes turn your device into an intense strategic battlefield.

    Accept the Challenge

    xTactics defies the boundaries of a conventional Tactical RPG. With its short and action-packed game sessions, captivating cyberpunk setting, visually stunning and optimized graphics, it sets new standards for turn-based strategy games. Are you up to the xTactics challenge?

    As the commander in this exciting Sci-Fi RPG, it falls to you to construct your team, augment their skills, and guide them towards triumph in a technological, dystopian future. xTactics focuses on the weight of strategy and foresight, turning each turn-based battle into a captivating game of intellect and adaptability.

    Embedded in the core of this Tactical RPG is a blend of a well-crafted cover system, destructible environments, and a broad array of heroes, culminating in a dynamic turn-based strategy game experience. xTactics challenges you with each unique map requiring distinctive strategies and tactical approaches, assuring no two game sessions are the same.

    Unleash the Power of Cheat Codes:

    • Premium Battle Pass (vE8hFCnLe6): Unlock the exclusive Premium Battle Pass with this cheat code. Delve into a world of premium rewards and enhancements, providing a significant boost to your gaming journey. Gain access to exclusive content, rare items, and unique challenges that will set you apart as a true commander.

    • Small Chest (AConmOhyRZ): Unveil the secrets hidden within a small chest by using this cheat code. Inside, you'll discover an assortment of valuable items that can aid you on your cyberpunk adventures. Equip yourself with newfound gear, resources, and surprises that will give you an edge in battles.

    • Level Up (g6jcNtIbOh): With this cheat code, you can dramatically accelerate your heroes' growth. Level up your characters tenfold, transforming them into formidable forces capable of conquering any challenge. Witness as your heroes evolve and unleash their newfound power on the battlefield.

    1. Unlock Hero - Hacker (teb08D9jTt): Welcome the enigmatic Hacker to your squad with this cheat code. Hacker's unique skills and cybernetic prowess make them a valuable addition to your team. Deploy Hacker strategically to breach enemy defenses and outsmart your adversaries.

    2. Berserker (1KA2nFpDns): Unleash the fury of the Berserker with this cheat code. Berserker's relentless attacks and berserk abilities make them a force to be reckoned with on the cyberpunk battlefield. Add this fierce warrior to your squad and watch chaos unfold.

    3. Ninja (cOpd7OfCcJ): Master the art of stealth and precision with the Ninja, unlocked using this cheat code. Ninja's swift strikes and shadowy techniques give your squad the upper hand in covert operations. Surprise your enemies and strike from the shadows with the Ninja.

    • Streetfighter (L6lPujXYV3): Bring the gritty combat skills of the Streetfighter to your squad with this cheat code. Streetfighter's brawling prowess and street-smart tactics add a unique flavor to your team. Take the fight to the streets and dominate your foes.

    • Opressor (u4luYI7piK): Crush your enemies with the oppressive might of the Opressor, unlocked using this cheat code. Opressor's overwhelming strength and crowd-control abilities turn the tide of battle in your favor. Harness the power of oppression to secure victory.

    • Gunner (qvahUwC51J): Rain down destruction with the Gunner, accessible through this cheat code. Gunner's heavy firepower and explosive arsenal make them a valuable asset in your squad. Obliterate your foes and seize control of the battlefield.

    1. Unlock All Weapons (OB4EEIiLzK): Gain access to a vast arsenal of weapons by entering this cheat code. Equip your heroes with an array of devastating arms, from futuristic firearms to melee masterpieces. With all weapons at your disposal, your squad becomes an unstoppable force.

    2. Off Ads (KyhchNRGQ6): Say farewell to intrusive ads with this cheat code. Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay as you focus on commanding your squad to victory. Remove distractions and immerse yourself fully in the cyberpunk world of xTactics.

    3. 2240 Battle Points (MhzCo4L1Mm): Bolster your resources with 2240 Battle Points, obtained through this cheat code. Battle Points are a valuable currency for acquiring in-game essentials and enhancing your heroes. Use them wisely to craft winning strategies.

    4. Premium Chest (af69Kb7Min): Unlock the prestigious Premium Chest with this cheat code. Inside, you'll discover a trove of rare and powerful items that can elevate your squad's capabilities. Prepare for the battles ahead with the treasures hidden within.

    5. Gold (Dz8cQhQBNn): Access a substantial reserve of Gold with this cheat code. Gold is the lifeblood of your cyberpunk operation, enabling you to upgrade heroes, enhance equipment, and strengthen your base. With a substantial Gold reserve, your path to dominance becomes clear.

    6. Silver (R4xFAQj2cm): Acquire a generous supply of Silver through this cheat code. Silver is essential for various in-game transactions, from recruiting heroes to unlocking upgrades. With an abundance of Silver at your disposal, you can shape your squad and strategy without limitations.

    7. Chips (UGArTKDF0y): Secure a stash of Chips, a valuable resource, using this cheat code. Chips are crucial for advancing your heroes' skills and abilities. Build a formidable squad by investing in skill enhancements and outmatching your cyberpunk adversaries.

    These cheat codes are your key to unlocking the full potential of your xTactics adventure. Use them wisely and lead your squad to cyberpunk victory!

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