Rise of Cyber
  • Rise of Cyber Cheat Codes Detailed Explanation

    1. U7ZsvhCEWD - Level up
    In the dark realm of Rise of Cyber, leveling up becomes crucial. Redeem this promo cheat code to bolster your strength, ensuring that the invaders stand no chance against the might of Skyfall City. As you progress, your capabilities to fend off the [Apocalypse] and his dreaded α viruses amplify manifold.

    2. dh6HVVTuN6 - Unlock Implant
    Dive deep into the cyberpunk era by unlocking cutting-edge implants. Gift your warriors this promo advantage to enhance their efficiency in guarding the last sanctuary. Redeem this code and step into a reality where man, machine, and strategy coalesce.

    3. 518VsXOLIN - Unlock module
    Modules are essential in Rise of Cyber's challenging combat modes. By redeeming this cheat code, arm yourself with the tools needed to rebuild, defend, raid, and challenge the world Boss. Get ready for an immersive cyber combat experience!

    4. IkfszfojEI - Random SS combatant
    Add a new SS Warrior to your team with this redeemable promo gift. Rise of Cyber offers you a chance to gather an elite collection of warriors, each brimming with unique skills and groundbreaking weapon capabilities.

    5. b9z8eKUby7 - x10 permanent recruitment
    Boost your team's strength with this invaluable recruitment cheat code. By redeeming this promo, you're not just adding numbers but enhancing your strategies, increasing your chances against the [Apocalypse] and his hordes.

    6. DFEF8U2fsa - x10 selection recruit
    This redeemable code offers you the power of choice. Strategically select and add to your ranks, ensuring that each warrior aligns with your vision for defending Skyfall City.

    7. yonzyDwEXZ - 100 Tesseract material
    Materials, especially the Tesseract, are crucial for crafting and upgrading. With this promo cheat, enhance your warriors' capabilities and ensure Skyfall City remains the beacon of hope in 2177.

    8. Eaq9GbdlOY - Omni shard
    Redeem this code to collect the Omni shards – a key to unlocking unprecedented power in the Rise of Cyber. As the game unfolds, these shards become indispensable in your cyber resistance strategy.

    9. Faksxrg0NT - Recruit supply
    Strengthen your ranks with this redeemable promo code. Each supply ensures your arsenal is ever-growing and ever-evolving, ready to take on the [Apocalypse].

    10. yfhStBAB3c - TacCode pack
    Tactical advantage is paramount. Unlock this gift code to access a myriad of TacCodes, assisting you in outsmarting and outplaying the invaders at every turn.

    11. HMTpzV1N0W - Daily basic supply
    Consistency is key in Rise of Cyber. Redeem this code to ensure your daily supplies are never short, equipping you for the challenges of each new dawn.

    12. v0HR2DcwWI - Anima chip
    Harness the power of the Anima chip with this redeemable cheat. These chips serve as catalysts, driving forward your warriors' transformations and skill improvements.

    13. 8VevKmqFmS - Secured coins
    Financial prowess is just as important as firepower. Boost your reserves with this promo code, ensuring your strategic moves in Skyfall City remain unhindered.

    14. oTc5EPejWj - TacData
    Data drives decisions. Unlock this gift code to access vital TacData, allowing you to make informed strategies to guard the last homeland of humankind.

    15. sjwdAbUPVO - 3000 Premium material CompCores
    The premium material CompCores are a game-changer. Redeeming this code gifts you with resources that play a pivotal role in the customization and transformation of each warrior.

    Commander of Skyfall City, arm yourself with these redeemable promo cheat codes, and stand tall against the invaders. The destiny of humankind in the Rise of Cyber rests on your choices. Good luck!
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