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    How can I unlock new characters in RESOVA - Galaxy Battle Legend?

    Use the cheat code: dHwltxVdVR.
    I'd like to get an advantage with my attack speed. Is there a code to help?
    Indeed! Use the code 21MsOm6lOh.
    How can I quickly level up in the game?
    Use the cheat code: lCbG42ZZzA.
    Are there cheat codes to remove ads in RESOVA?
    Absolutely! Enter Qv5iQ5Gtk4.
    I'm looking for an exclusive outfit. Can I get that?
    You can with the cheat code: CThN2ijYlm.

    Which code will grant you the Random Premium weapon?
    a) vphGNtcwBs
    b) imI3tGT8xZ
    c) KQVgHaPDCk
    d) 21MsOm6lOh
    The cheat code KQVgHaPDCk provides which benefit?
    a) No skills CD
    b) Increase attack speed
    c) Unlock characters
    d) Off ads
    What does the imI3tGT8xZ cheat offer in RESOVA?
    a) Roguelike Buffs
    b) Unlock characters
    c) No skills CD
    d) Exclusive outfit
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    How can I disable ads in RESOVA - Galaxy Battle Legend?
    Answer: Use the cheat code Qv5iQ5Gtk4.
    I'm interested in leveling up faster. Is there a cheat for that?
    Answer: Yes, enter lCbG42ZZzA.
    What does the KQVgHaPDCk cheat provide?
    Answer: It gives you No skills CD.
    How can I unlock an exclusive outfit in RESOVA?
    Answer: The code CThN2ijYlm will grant you this.
    Can I increase my attack speed in the game?
    Answer: Absolutely, use 21MsOm6lOh.
    I want to explore the Roguelike Buffs. How do I access them?
    Answer: Utilize the cheat imI3tGT8xZ.
    How do I unlock more characters in RESOVA - Galaxy Battle Legend?
    Answer: Use the code dHwltxVdVR.
    Are there any cheats to get a premium weapon?
    Answer: Yes, vphGNtcwBs gives you a random premium weapon.
    I'd like to remove cooldowns from my skills. How?
    Answer: The cheat KQVgHaPDCk provides No skills CD.
    Are cheat codes allowed in RESOVA's official gameplay?
    Answer: Always refer to the game's official guidelines to ensure fair gameplay.
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