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  • Blade Ball Cheat Codes - October 2023

    In the world of Blade Ball, cheat codes are your key to unlocking rewards and enhancing your gameplay. Here is a list of all the cheat codes available for Blade Ball:

    • RRRANKEDDD: Redeem this code to instantly receive 200 in-game coins. Use these coins to upgrade your character and purchase valuable resources.

    • WEEK4: Enter this code to unlock a unique sword skin. Customize your blade to stand out and impress other players.

    • SORRY4DELAY: This code has expired and no longer provides any rewards. Please use the active codes for benefits.

    • UPDATETHREE: This code is also no longer active. Focus on the available codes to enhance your gaming experience.

    • 1MLIKES: Use the code 1MLIKES to claim various rewards, including coins and skins, to improve your Blade Ball journey.

    • HOTDOG10K: Activate this cheat code for the chance to receive special rewards that could add excitement to your gameplay.

    • 500K: This code grants you additional coins that can be used for various in-game purchases and upgrades.

    • 10KFOLLOWERZ: Enter this code to earn extra coins and unique skins. Show off your newfound treasures to your followers!

    • 200KLIKES: Another code that rewards you with coins and skins. Make the most of these bonuses during your Blade Ball adventure.

    • FORTUNE: Lucky you! This code provides a range of rewards that can significantly impact your progress in the game.

    • 50000LIKES: Harness the power of this code to gain a substantial amount of coins and exclusive sword skins.

    • SITDOWN: Kick back and relax as this cheat code showers you with exciting rewards.

    • 5000LIKES: Obtain more coins and skins by redeeming this code, enhancing your overall Blade Ball experience.

    • 10000LIKES: Unlock various pleasant surprises in the game by using this code.

    • ThxForSupport: Consider this code our way of thanking you for your support. Enjoy the diverse bonuses it offers for an even more enjoyable gaming session.

    • 1000LIKES: This cheat code enables you to earn additional coins and rewards in Blade Ball.

    To redeem these cheat codes, follow these simple steps:

    1. Launch Blade Ball in Roblox.

    2. Navigate to the "Extras" section.

    3. Select "Codes."

    4. Copy and paste one of the cheat codes into the designated field and click "Confirm."

    Blade Ball Cheat Codes Quiz

    Quiz 1: Crack the Codes

    1. Question 1: Which cheat code in Blade Ball provides the player with 200 in-game coins?

      • a) RRRANKEDDD

      • b) HOTDOG10K

      • c) 1MLIKES

    2. Question 2: Which cheat code can you use to unlock a unique sword skin?

      • a) SORRY4DELAY

      • b) 200KLIKES

      • c) WEEK4

    Quiz 2: Code Breaker

    1. Question 3: Which of the following cheat codes in Blade Ball is no longer active?

      • a) UPDATETHREE

      • b) 10KFOLLOWERZ

      • c) 500K

    2. Question 4: Which cheat code rewards you with various bonuses to enhance your gameplay?

      • a) 10000LIKES

      • b) FORTUNE

      • c) 50000LIKES

    Quiz 3: Coin Collector

    1. Question 5: What is the purpose of the cheat code "500K" in Blade Ball?

      • a) It unlocks a special game mode.

      • b) It provides the player with 500 in-game coins.

      • c) It changes the appearance of the player's character.

    2. Question 6: Which cheat code is a way of saying "thank you for your support" in Blade Ball?

      • a) ThxForSupport

      • b) 1000LIKES

      • c) SITDOWN

    Quiz 4: Skin Selector

    1. Question 7: Which cheat code allows you to customize your blade with a unique skin?

      • a) HOTDOG10K

      • b) WEEK4

      • c) 1000LIKES

    Quiz 5: Code Mastery

    1. Question 8: Which Blade Ball cheat code is associated with a delay apology but is no longer active?

      • a) SORRY4DELAY

      • b) 10KFOLLOWERZ

      • c) FORTUNE

    2. Question 9: Which cheat code rewards you with extra coins and unique skins when redeemed in Blade Ball?

      • a) 200KLIKES

      • b) 5000LIKES

      • c) 500K

    Quiz 6: Code Connoisseur

    1. Question 10: Which Blade Ball cheat code is linked to a significant number of likes and offers substantial coin rewards?

      • a) 10000LIKES

      • b) FORTUNE

      • c) 1MLIKES

    Quiz 7: Master of Unlocking

    1. Question 11: Which Blade Ball cheat code grants you coins, unique sword skins, and various other rewards to enhance your gameplay experience?

      • a) ThxForSupport

      • b) 50000LIKES

      • c) 1MLIKES

    Blade Ball Cheat Codes Q&A


    Which code gives players 200 in-game coins?

    A1: "RRRANKEDDD" provides 200 coins.


    How can players unlock a unique sword skin?

    A2: Enter "WEEK4" for the unique skin.


    Are there any expired codes mentioned?

    A3: Yes, several expired codes are listed.


    What's the purpose of cheat codes in Blade Ball?

    A4: They offer in-game rewards and enhancements.


    Where can players redeem these codes?

    A5: In-game via the "Codes" section.


    How can players find more Blade Ball cheat codes?

    A6: Join the official Discord server or check update pages.


    What do Blade Ball cheat codes typically contain?

    A7: They consist of letters and numbers for rewards.

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