Groovy word game Gubbins: Hank Green’s support
Groovy word game Gubbins
  • Groovy word game Gubbins gets a release date and Hank Green’s support

    Groovy, there’s a Gubbins release date set for later in 2023, bringing the game with the best name ever to Android and iOS devices worldwide.

    Gubbins release date - a screenshot of the word game with funky patterns

    Gubbins Funky Patterns

    In case you’ve not heard of it, there’s a funky new word game coming up, and we’ve got the Gubbins release date right here, along with some neat information about who else has their eyes on this upcoming game.

    • Release Date: November 14, 2023 (iOS and Android)

    • Early Access: Available now for iOS in Australia and New Zealand

    What’s really eye-catching about this word-based puzzle game is its retro art style, giving trippy Yellow Submarine vibes with cute and creative friends dotted throughout. The creator describes it as “kind of like solo Scrabble with weird little guys called Gubbins”.

    Gubbins Retro Art Style

    The game takes you on a psychedelic trip as you make words and aim for a high score while receiving both help and hindrance from those Gubbins running around. There are daily levels to keep you coming back for more as you avoid critters trying to bat your letters around while skateboarding past, or that try and padlock your letters in place.

    Hank Green's Support and Charity

    Hank Green's Support

    You may have seen Gubbins all over TikTok, where none other than Hank Green – yes, the science man himself – found the game and – the studio’s words, not mine – “threw money at [Studio Folly]”. Green and Studio Folly went on to create a partnership, which led the studio to announce that proceeds from Gubbins will go to a non-profit charity reducing mortality rates of children and maternal mothers in Sierra Leone.

    Witch Beam's Support

    It didn’t just get the attention of Mr. Green, though – Witch Beam, the brain behind the fantastic puzzler Unpacking, also supports the studio and their debut game.

    Now that we’re feeling all good and fuzzy inside, here’s today’s Wordle hint if you haven’t figured it out yet, and some of the best mobile games to get your hands on.

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