A Tomodachi Life trademark
  • A Tomodachi Life trademark has Nintendo fans hoping for a new game

    Tomodachi Life Trademark Image

    Did you expect a new Tomodachi Life trademark to rear its head? I sure didn’t, so let's look at what we know and what it could potentially mean.

    Tomodachi Life trademark - a character in a hot dog suit in front of a tropical island

    Tomodachi Life Character in Hot Dog Suit

    The Switch is missing some key titles. No, I don’t mean Nintendogs this time – I’m talking about Tomodachi Life. But there may be hope – a Tomodachi Life trademark made itself known recently. Sure, we got Miitopia and the Miitomo mobile game, but they just weren’t the same as Tomodachi Life’s weird and wonderful gameplay that makes it one of the best 3DS games and you cannot change my mind.

    This story originally got posted on X by user TMark365 – Trademark Watch bot, but what grabbed my attention was user HeyimHeroic’s explanation thread. The post shows that Nintendo re-registered the ‘Tomodachi Life’ trademark in Japan just a couple of weeks ago.

    The important details to note are that the trademark appeared on September 29 of this year, and pertains to electronic game programs/video games. It could be Nintendo renewing the license, though this isn’t something that usually happens.

    As explained by HeyimHeroic, another recent trademark led to a new game: In March 2022, Capcom filed a trademark for “Apollo Justice”, but the Japanese version of the game was “Ace Attorney 4”. And now, look what’s coming – we’re getting the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy next year, in English, hence the need to trademark the name.

    They also explain that though the trademark is for ‘Tomodachi Life’ in Japan, there actually is no game called Tomodachi Life in Japan at the moment. What we Westerners know as Tomodachi Life here is known as Tomodachi Collection: New Life over there. Who knew?

    The fact that it is a new trademark in Japan with the English name has our interest piqued, and it feels like something more than just a name getting a trademark may happen. Probably a port due to it being the same name as the worldwide game, or perhaps a sequel.

    So, could it be TomoSwitchy Life? Tomodachi Life 2?

    Tomodachi Life 2 Speculation

    Well, we can’t tell you anything else so we’ll need to wait for any hints, or see what comes up in the next few Nintendo Directs. I could go for a proper Tomodachi sequel, though.

    While we impatiently wait for any news from Nintendo, we suggest you grab some of the best Switch games out there or one of the best indie games on Switch to pad out your collection.

    Quiz 1: Tomodachi and Hopes

    1. What is the subject of the Tomodachi Life trademark?

      A) A character in a hot dog suit

      B) A tropical island

      C) Nintendo's latest console

      D) Miitopia

    2. When did the Tomodachi Life trademark appear in Japan?

      A) September 29 of the current year

      B) March 2022

      C) A couple of weeks ago

      D) It has not appeared yet

    3. What is the possible significance of the renewed Tomodachi Life trademark?

      A) It's just a routine license renewal

      B) A port of the game to a new platform

      C) A sequel to Tomodachi Life

      D) A new character in the game

    Submit your answers and find out how well you did!

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