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  • Bee Factory Codes

    Code Descriptions

    Get ready to make your Bee Factory dreams come true with these Bee Factory codes:

    • LgDBho6qCM - Double honey: Double your honey production.

    • XNrhOoxdMP - Double coins: Earn double the coins for your efforts.

    • kb7pccJTYv - Instant sell boost: Boost your selling process instantly.

    • AaCbdjM425 - UGS reward: Claim an exciting UGS reward.

    • 7DNHJKYfXf - 10000 bees: Add 10,000 bees to your collection.

    • PeZgfzWzA0 - Auto collect: Automate the collection process.

    • rIZKpOwVw0 - Auto deposit: Automatically deposit your resources.

    • 0cSXbaJXiR - Get Kitty crow: Obtain the elusive Kitty crow.

    Quiz Questions

    1. What is the purpose of the password kb7pccJTYv in Bee Factory?

      1. Double honey production

      2. Instant sell boost

      3. 10000 bees

    2. How can players redeem Bee Factory codes?

      1. By sending a message to the developer

      2. By visiting the official website

      3. By entering the passwords in the game

    3. What is the reward for the password 0cSXbaJXiR?

      1. Double coins

      2. Get Kitty crow

      3. Auto collect

    4. Why should players stay updated on Bee Factory codes?

      1. To unlock new bee species

      2. To enjoy double rewards

      3. To receive in-game boosts and bonuses

    5. Which password provides 10,000 bees in Bee Factory?

      1. 7DNHJKYfXf

      2. AaCbdjM425

      3. XNrhOoxdMP


    1. Q: What are Bee Factory codes?

      A: Bee Factory codes are alphanumeric combinations that players can input into the game to unlock various rewards and benefits.

    2. Q: How do I redeem Bee Factory passwords?

      A: To redeem passwords, open Roblox, launch Bee Factory, click the codes button on the left of the screen, enter an active code, and confirm to enjoy your rewards.

    3. Q: Why should I stay updated on Bee Factory passwords?

      A: Staying updated on passwords is crucial to maximize your in-game rewards, boosts, and bonuses, enhancing your gaming experience.

    4. Q: Are Bee Factory codes time-limited?

      A: Some codes may have expiration dates, so it's essential to redeem them promptly to benefit from their rewards.

    5. Q: Where can I find the latest Bee Factory passwords?

      A: You can follow the Bee Tower Tycoon developer on Twitter, join the game's community, or bookmark this page to stay updated on the latest passwords.

    Image Gallery

    1. 1.jpg - Password: 60E0uBR94d

    2. 2.jpg - Password: MOQJsnRmnc

    3. 3.jpg - Password: 7Hx0uPCEPL

    4. 4.jpg - Password: lJvq6JTdGX

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