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    Get your watering cans and shovels ready with our ACNH flower breeding guide, sowing the simplest ways to get every flower color variant.

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    ACNH flower breeding can be a bit of a head-scratcher to get going with, but if you want a vibrant and flower-filled island, you’ve gotta do it. When you start a new island, you’ll find a native flower that already exists in abundance, but we want more. That’s why we’ve put together our simple ACNH flowers guide so you can breed every color available across all eight types of plants.

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    Let’s dig into our ACNH flower breeding guide.

    What flowers are there?

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons is all about decorating the outdoors and sprucing up your island with flowers. There are eight kinds to plant and breed, including roses, pansies, cosmos, and more. That’s on top of the bushes, trees, and vines you can dot around, too.

    Where can I get ACNH seeds?

    You can purchase seeds of your native flowers from Timmy and Tommy every day, and then when Nook’s Cranny opens, you can get another random seasonal type that changes weekly.

    Leif the sloth will also visit your island every week, and he sells two new kinds of flowers that aren’t native to your island every time he visits. You can find him in the plaza in front of the resident services building. The only colors that both Leif and Nook’s Cranny sell are red, yellow, and white.

    If you’re lucky and win the mystery island roulette, you may land on an island that has a new type of flower. Go forth and dig ‘em all up and plant them on your own island.

    Other than that, online trading on sites like Nookazon has massively slowed down since the game’s release, so you may have to rely on friends or find players on Reddit or Facebook communities to visit and purchase the remaining types of flowers that you need.

    Can I get fully-grown ACNH flowers?

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    If you – like me – cannot be bothered waiting days for flowers to grow in, you can take a trip to Nook Miles islands, or one of Kappn’s mystery destinations, and ransack the island for all the fully grown flowers to plant at home. Or if you have some good friends they may let you come and uproot some of their flowers, too.

    How to get hybrid ACNH flowers

    So you’re bored of the classic red, yellow, and white flowers, huh? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, there are two ways to breed hybrid flowers that come in much more interesting shades. To get your orange, purple, and even gold flowers, you can either pair breed or let nature take its course and allow flowers to naturally multiply.

    Let’s look at pair breeding. As the name suggests, planting flowers in pairs (with a space left in between) is the ideal setup for breeding new colors of flowers. Make sure there is plenty of space around the flowers so that new buds can sprout – we suggest making a specific breeding area so you can keep the space free.

    If you plant a load of flowers and let them be, chances are you’ll end up with a few pink and orange buds, and some hybrids of the natural three colors. But why stop there? Below, we’ve laid out the easiest ways to get each color of hybrid without doing too much flower maths. By the way – if you have friends who play Animal Crossing, get them to water your flowers. This makes hybrids pop up quicker!

    Quiz Section

    Test your knowledge about ACNH flower breeding with this quiz:

    1. What are the different types of flowers in ACNH?

    2. Where can you purchase ACNH flower seeds?

    3. How can you obtain fully-grown ACNH flowers quickly?

    FAQ Section

    Frequently Asked Questions about ACNH flower breeding:

    1. Q: Can I get hybrid flowers in ACNH?

    A: Yes, you can obtain hybrid flowers through pair breeding or by allowing flowers to naturally multiply.

    Q: Where can I find Leif in the game?

    A: Leif can be found in the plaza in front of the resident services building.

    Hints and Tips Section

    Here are some hints and tips for successful ACNH flower breeding:

    • Plant flowers in pairs with space in between for better hybrid results.

    • If you have friends who play, ask them to water your flowers to speed up hybrid flower growth.

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