Tales & Dragons cheat codes guide 2024
Tales & Dragons
  • Unlock the Magic of Cheat Codes in Tales & Dragons

    Embark on an enchanting journey through the realm of "Tales & Dragons: New Journey" with the power of cheat codes at your disposal. This comprehensive guide will unveil the secrets behind each cheat code, providing in-depth descriptions of their benefits and how they can enhance your fairy tale adventure.

    Mastering the Cheat Codes

    Let's dive into the mystical world of cheat codes that will transform your Tales & Dragons experience:

    • 3Gmye5mxYJ - 10x special summon: Harness the power of the special summon to acquire extraordinary allies and strengthen your party for epic battles.

    • bwGOIZ5jgt - Unlock random 5 stars hero: Unleash the potential of a 5-star hero, chosen at random, to lead your fairy tale journey to greatness.

    • PYnf1lGJix - 5 stars legend shard: Collect legendary shards to forge the most powerful heroes and legends in the land of Oz.

    • aUcBjGpdlp - 5000x diamonds: Amass a treasure trove of diamonds, the currency of legends, to unlock premium content and treasures.

    • uZeJbwQ13L - 500000x gold: Embrace wealth beyond your wildest dreams with an abundance of gold, the key to prosperity in this magical world.

    • mLi4FNNZP7 - Exclusive privilege: Gain exclusive privileges that set you apart from ordinary adventurers, granting you an edge in battles.

    • cBpGslfRDo - New server pack: Begin your adventure on a fresh server with a special pack that jumpstarts your journey with incredible rewards.

    • rPpxW38EDR - Super value pack: Discover the super value pack filled with treasures and resources to accelerate your progress in Tales & Dragons.

    Challenge Your Knowledge with Quizzes

    Test your mastery of these cheat codes with thought-provoking quizzes:

    1. Quiz 1: Summoning Mastery

      What does the cheat code 3Gmye5mxYJ provide in Tales & Dragons?

      1. 5000x diamonds

      2. 10x special summon

      3. Exclusive privilege

    2. Quiz 2: Heroic Unlocks

      How does the cheat code bwGOIZ5jgt impact your hero roster in Tales & Dragons?

      1. Unlocks random 5 stars hero

      2. Grants 5000x diamonds

      3. Offers exclusive privileges

    3. Quiz 3: Shards of Legends

      What can you obtain with the cheat code PYnf1lGJix in the game?

      1. 10x special summon

      2. 500000x gold

      3. 5 stars legend shard

    4. Quiz 4: Currency of Prosperity

      Which resource is granted by the cheat code aUcBjGpdlp in Tales & Dragons?

      1. 500000x gold

      2. 10x special summon

      3. Exclusive privilege

    5. Quiz 5: Server Start

      What is the purpose of the cheat code rPpxW38EDR in Tales & Dragons?

      1. Unlock random 5 stars hero

      2. Begin on a new server with special rewards

      3. Grants 5000x diamonds

    Unlock the Mysteries of Tales & Dragons

    Armed with the knowledge of these cheat codes, you're prepared to embark on an extraordinary journey in Tales & Dragons. Harness their power, overcome challenges, and become a legend in the enchanted world of fairy tales and dragons. Your epic adventure awaits!

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