Black Desert Mobile Beginner Guide
  • Black Desert Mobile Beginner Guide for 2024 Update

    Introduction to Black Desert Mobile

    The journey begins with a brief introduction. Black Desert Mobile continues to captivate players with its immersive open-world experience, breathtaking graphics, and a myriad of activities that await your exploration. In this guide, we will delve deep into the game's mechanics and uncover the most effective ways to enhance your character's Combat Power (CP) while enjoying every aspect of this enchanting universe.

    Black Desert Mobile Beginner Guide

    New and Returning Players

    Are you a new player? Or perhaps you're returning to the game after a hiatus? Either way, we've got you covered. The 2023 update brings exciting changes and content for all types of adventurers. Let's embark on this journey together and ensure you make the most of your time in Black Desert Mobile.

    Guild RSS & Accessory

    One of the essential aspects of Black Desert Mobile is joining a guild. Guilds offer a myriad of benefits, from participating in epic boss battles to accessing exclusive guild shops. Discover how guild activities can significantly boost your CP and provide you with valuable materials to enhance your accessories.

    Black Desert Mobile Beginner Guide

    CP Gain & Knowledge

    CP (Combat Power) is the lifeblood of your character's strength. In this guide, we'll uncover the various methods to increase your CP, ranging from Spirit Reef Stones to Corrupted Bad Alchemy Emblems. Learn how to enchant your equipment and unlock your character's true potential.

    Free Accessories and Equipment

    Every adventurer loves freebies! We'll reveal the secrets to obtaining daily free accessories, including the chance to snag rare items like O-rings. Additionally, discover the market's treasure trove of equipment to power up your character further.

    Black Desert Mobile Beginner Guide

    The Camp and Its Benefits

    Your camp is more than just a place to rest—it's a hub of progress. Unlock the Merchant Remote, gather valuable items from Machinery Mode, and increase your Black Pearls by investing wisely in your camp. Furthermore, master the art of cooking and take advantage of the market for silver generation.

    PvP & Weekly/Monthly Rewards

    Do you have a competitive spirit? Engage in exhilarating PvP content such as Black Sun and reap the rewards. Explore the bountiful weekly and monthly rewards, including precious Black Pearls. Don't forget to set sail for Pirate Island and discover its hidden treasures.

    Black Desert Mobile Beginner Guide

    Boss Rush and Other Activities

    Boss Rush is your gateway to acquiring Norik and Black Pearls. Uncover the strategies to excel in these encounters and maximize your rewards. Dive into other activities like Collection, Infinity Potion crafting, and harness the power of Fairy skills to further boost your CP.

    Everforst: The Latest Map

    Intrigued by the latest addition to Black Desert Mobile, Everforst? Even if you haven't reached the coveted 40,000 CP mark, you can still venture into this mysterious map to gain CP and unlock new content.


    This extensive guide provides an in-depth look at the world of Black Desert Mobile. Whether you're new to the game or returning for the 2023 update, you now have the knowledge and strategies to thrive in this enchanting universe. Embark on your adventure, enhance your Combat Power, and make the most of your Black Desert Mobile experience.

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