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    It's been a while since we received updates, and I thought mammoths were extinct. However, today, everything changes as the Blox developers finally reveal the mammoth fruit's abilities. Watch along as we explore its moves. Share your thoughts on the mammoth fruit in the comments below and tell us what excites you about the upcoming Update 20.

    Blox Fruits NEW Mammoth Showcase

    Additionally, there are minor sneak peek screenshots from developers and owners. Let's begin with the mammoth fruit. Countdown: 3, 2, 1, here we go!

    We see the transformation, resembling a shadow. It's impressive and menacing. Now, let's delve into the moves without transforming, such as 'Ancient Cutter.' This move boasts three claws and a generous hitbox. Perfect your aim to excel in the game.

    Blox Fruits NEW Mammoth Showcase

    You can use it in the air, adding versatility to your combat style. There's also a dash move, 'Prehistoric Punt,' allowing you to punt adversaries. Aim well, and you can knock them airborne. The transformation is remarkable, marked by a change in color.

    The F move is particularly exciting, granting impressive mobility. Hold it for an extended dash, even through the air. This move also introduces unique animations, enhancing the experience. And, it inflicts damage.

    Now, regarding other sneak peeks, the sea is expanding, hinting at sea battles. A new weapon, possibly a scythe or sickle, is intriguing. We also spot a new island, likely in the third sea. Weather changes, like rain, might be part of the game.

    Blox Fruits NEW Mammoth Showcase

    Shafi, a VFX developer, teases a new skill, potentially related to Green Bull's fruit. This could introduce a refreshing element to the game. There's speculation about a dragon move rework, supported by orange visuals.

    Stay tuned for more updates; there's a lot to anticipate. Blox Roots remains exciting, and we'll keep you informed.

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