Code Geass: Lost Stories
  • Unlock the Power of Cheat Codes in Code Geass: Lost Stories

    Discover a new dimension of Code Geass: Lost Stories with these exclusive cheat codes. Each code offers unique advantages to enhance your gameplay, making your journey through Area 11 even more exciting. Dive into the world of Code Geass with these cheat codes and unleash their potential:

    Mastering the Art of Cheat Codes

    Explore the potential of each cheat code:

    • HcxtB93msS - Unlimited stamina: Never run out of energy during intense battles.

    • z0hFB3VINH - 10x scouts (hero summon): Increase your chances of obtaining powerful heroes.

    • w4bkpAr4tC - 15000 Sakuradite crystal: Amass a wealth of valuable crystals for various purposes.

    • DPOnvkrncK - Scout points: Gain access to special scouts for rare rewards.

    • BCAgHYS8qT - Random 5 stars pilot: Recruit a formidable pilot to join your squad.

    • iBWDGHY5HB - Lost stories pass: Unlock exclusive lost stories and delve deeper into the Code Geass universe.

    • AzaVZ1B3wM - Pilot enhancement materials: Strengthen your pilots and Knightmare Frames for epic battles.

    Challenge Your Knowledge with Complex Quizzes

    Test your expertise in Code Geass: Lost Stories with these challenging quizzes related to the cheat codes:

    1. Quiz 1: Infinite Stamina

      Which cheat code ensures that you never run out of stamina during battles?

      1. 10x scouts (hero summon)

      2. Unlimited stamina

      3. Random 5 stars pilot

    2. Quiz 2: Crystal Bounty

      What does the cheat code w4bkpAr4tC provide you with?

      1. 15000 Sakuradite crystal

      2. Lost stories pass

      3. Scout points

    3. Quiz 3: Exclusive Stories

      How can you access exclusive lost stories in Code Geass: Lost Stories?

      1. Random 5 stars pilot

      2. Pilot enhancement materials

      3. Lost stories pass

    4. Quiz 4: Scout Rewards

      What can you obtain using the cheat code DPOnvkrncK?

      1. Unlimited stamina

      2. 10x scouts (hero summon)

      3. Scout points

    5. Quiz 5: Pilot Empowerment

      Which cheat code is used to enhance your pilots and Knightmare Frames?

      1. Lost stories pass

      2. Pilot enhancement materials

      3. 15000 Sakuradite crystal

    Answers to Your Inquiries

    Find answers to common questions about Code Geass: Lost Stories and its cheat codes:

    1. Q1: How do I redeem cheat codes in Code Geass: Lost Stories?

    A1: To redeem cheat codes, navigate to the "Cheat Code Redemption" section within the game's settings. Enter your desired code to unlock its benefits.

    Q2: Are these cheat codes officially supported by Code Geass: Lost Stories?

    A2: Yes, the provided cheat codes are officially supported by the game and are designed to enhance your gaming experience.

    Q3: Can I share these cheat codes with friends?

    A3: While sharing cheat codes can be enjoyable, please review the game's terms and conditions regarding code sharing to ensure fair play.

    Q4: Do these cheat codes have expiration dates?

    A4: Most cheat codes in Code Geass: Lost Stories can be redeemed once for instant rewards. However, specific codes, such as those related to subscriptions, may offer ongoing benefits.

    Q5: How can I stay informed about new cheat codes and game updates?

    A5: Stay connected with the Code Geass: Lost Stories community by visiting the official website and following the game's social media channels. This way, you'll be among the first to learn about new codes, events, and exciting updates!

    Explore the World of Code Geass

    Embark on an extraordinary journey in the world of Code Geass: Lost Stories, where alternate stories and powerful pilots await. With these cheat codes, you have the key to unlock new adventures and strengthen your squad. Dive into the epic battles of Area 11 and shape your own destiny!

    Before you go, take a moment to admire a captivating image from Code Geass: Lost Stories:

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