Death’s Door
  • Unleash Your Power with Death’s Door Cheat Codes

    Are you ready to conquer the challenging world of Death’s Door with the help of cheat codes? This action-adventure game, developed by Acid Nerve and published by Devolver Digital, has captivated gamers since its release on July 20, 2021. With its unique blend of dark humor, skill-based combat, and an eerie world to explore, Death’s Door is a must-play title available on platforms like Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

    In Death’s Door, you step into the feathers of a diligent crow whose duty is to reap souls. However, when a soul is stolen, your journey takes a mysterious turn. You'll explore a realm filled with intricate level design, challenging combat, and a captivating storyline that beckons you to uncover its secrets and face formidable foes. Armed with your trusty umbrella-turned-weapon, immerse yourself in a world where death itself comes alive.

    Death’s Door cheat codes

    Mastering the Art of Cheat Codes

    Before delving into the cheat codes that can enhance your Death’s Door experience, let's learn how to activate these cheats:

    • Xbox: Press the combination of buttons simultaneously to access the cheat console on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.

    • PC: Hold CTRL and Shift, then press C to enable cheats.

    • Mac: Similar to PC, hold Command and Shift, then press C to activate cheats on Mac.

    Once the cheat console appears, you can enter various cheat codes to gain an advantage in the game. Keep in mind that using cheats in your save file may disable the ability to earn certain achievements or trophies.

    Unlock Your Arsenal with Cheat Codes

    Now, let's explore the cheat codes exclusive to Death’s Door that can provide you with an array of benefits:

    • dzSD71SSGy - The great sword: Obtain this powerful weapon by defeating the secret boss, The Lord of Doors. The great sword deals high base damage and can be further upgraded for even more devastating attacks.

    • Fn6hIyWKPC - The dagger: Discover the dagger in the Stranded Sailor’s area in the Dilapidated Village. Its swift attacks make it ideal for close combat.

    • eXJLMOYvnA - The purple sword: Find this balanced weapon in a chest located in the Colosseum area. It offers moderate damage and versatility.

    • AL0aJlr5Sl - The hammer: Located in the Stranded Sailor’s area, the hammer may be slow but delivers substantial damage and can stun enemies with charged attacks.

    • TLem2KyRjF - The umbrella (Upgraded): Unlock powerful umbrella upgrades by defeating bosses and collecting their souls. The upgraded umbrella offers increased range, damage, and unique magical attacks.

    Unleash Godlike Powers

    Death’s Door cheat codes

    If you're seeking the ultimate advantage, these cheat codes will grant you godlike abilities:

    • 3OW44c4KGj - God mode/ignore hits: Become invulnerable and ignore enemy attacks with this cheat.

    • 7uKVcvPX8E - Unlimited health: Your health will never deplete, ensuring you remain in the fight.

    • V8IdOXhNJo - Unlimited arrows: Never run out of arrows, allowing for relentless ranged attacks.

    • CfA6jlMLdv - Instant charge bow/rapid fire: Charge your bow instantly and fire with lightning speed.

    • iRJaeQPhmJ - Dash no cooldown: Dash continuously without any cooldown period, granting you incredible mobility.

    • h9antCsTiz - Set player speed: Adjust your movement speed to your liking, whether you want to move like a breeze or a lightning bolt.

    Challenge Your Knowledge with Quizzes

    Death’s Door cheat codes

    1. Quiz 1: Mighty Arsenal

      Which cheat code grants you access to a powerful great sword in Death’s Door?

      1. eXJLMOYvnA

      2. Fn6hIyWKPC

      3. dzSD71SSGy

    2. Quiz 2: Unstoppable Abilities

      Which cheat code bestows godlike powers upon your character, allowing them to ignore hits and become invulnerable?

      1. 3OW44c4KGj

      2. CfA6jlMLdv

      3. V8IdOXhNJo

    3. Quiz 3: Limitless Health

      Which cheat code ensures that your character's health never depletes, keeping them in peak condition?

      1. 7uKVcvPX8E

      2. h9antCsTiz

      3. iRJaeQPhmJ

    Answers to Your Questions

    Death’s Door cheat codes

    1. Q1: How do I activate cheat codes in Death’s Door?

    A1: To activate cheat codes, use the following button combinations or key sequences based on your platform:

    • Xbox: Press specific buttons simultaneously.

    • PC: Hold CTRL and Shift, then press C.

    • Mac: Hold Command and Shift, then press C.

    Once the cheat console appears, you can enter cheat codes to gain advantages.
    Q2: What is the best weapon in Death’s Door?

    A2: The best weapon in Death’s Door depends on your playstyle. Some powerful weapons include the Greatsword, obtained by defeating The Lord of Doors, and the Dagger, found in the Stranded Sailor’s area. Experiment with different weapons to find your favorite.

    Q3: How can I obtain the Unlimited Health cheat in Death’s Door?

    A3: You can activate the Unlimited Health cheat by entering the cheat code 7uKVcvPX8E. This cheat ensures that your character's health remains at maximum, allowing you to tackle challenges without fear of defeat.

    Q4: Which cheat code grants rapid firing abilities for the bow in Death’s Door?

    A4: The cheat code CfA6jlMLdv provides instant charge bow/rapid fire abilities in Death’s Door. With this cheat, your bow charges instantly, allowing you to fire arrows rapidly.

    Q5: How do I adjust my character’s speed using cheat codes in Death’s Door?

    A5: You can change your character's speed with the cheat code h9antCsTiz. Use this cheat to customize your movement speed, whether you prefer to move swiftly or leisurely.

    Explore the Enigmatic World of Death’s Door

    With these cheat codes, you're ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of Death’s Door. Unleash your powers, discover unique weapons, and face challenges head-on. Before you go, enjoy this captivating image from the game:

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