The Forgotten City
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    Published: October 19, 2023 by Nathan Fusco

    Are you searching for cheat codes to enhance your gameplay in The Forgotten City? Dive into this narrative-driven
    game set in an ancient Roman city, where your choices shape the outcome. Learn how to unlock cheat codes and
    explore the game's intriguing plot and characters.


    The Forgotten City offers an open-world experience within an authentically recreated ancient Roman city. Developed
    by Modern Storyteller and released in July 2021, this game has captivated players with its immersive storytelling
    and intricate world.


    Step into the shoes of a character who awakens in ancient Rome after a dramatic rescue. Your mission? To find a
    missing friend who disappeared in nearby ruins. These ruins, however, hold a chilling secret – the Golden Rule.
    This rule states that if any resident of the city commits a sin, all face dire consequences as they are turned
    into gold statues. Gain the unique power to restart the time loop, interact with complex characters, and confront
    moral dilemmas that impact the narrative.

    Main Characters:

    • The Player Character: Your character, whose backstory and characteristics are influenced by
      your choices.

    • The Golden Rule Overseer: The enigmatic figure responsible for enforcing the Golden Rule,
      central to the game's plot.

    • Galerius: An essential character who aids you in unraveling the city's mysteries and
      understanding its history.

    • Aelia: A resident of the city with her own distinct storyline, contributing to the unfolding

    • Decius: Another resident of the city with a unique perspective and a storyline that adds depth
      to the game.

    • Celatus: A character who conceals their true identity and motivations, intensifying the

    • Sentius: A crucial part of the narrative, with connections to the city's past and hidden

    • Licinia: A character whose actions and choices significantly influence the game's outcome and
      moral dilemmas.

    • Fabia: A resident of the city with her own backstory, interactions, and contributions to the

    • Marcellus: A character with a role in the unfolding events of the game and ties to the city's
      enigmatic history.

    Cheat Codes:

    Unlock cheat codes using console commands to enhance your gameplay. Open the console with the backtick key (`) and
    input commands to toggle various features, adjust game speed, enable immortality, obtain items, and more.


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    "The Canon Ending," and more.

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    on gameplay.

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    Console Commands:

    • Toggle flying and phasing through objects (on/off): ghost or noclip

    • Adjust game speed (1 = default, 0.5 = slow motion, 9 = very fast): slomo # (e.g., slomo 5)

    • Enable immortality (must be re-enabled after every new cycle): god

    • Obtain the default flashlight: give flashlight

    • Acquire a bow: give bow

    • Get the golden bow: give bow_gold

    • Add arrows to your inventory (replace # with the desired number): give bow_arrow # (e.g.,
      give bow_arrow 5)

    • Stock up on bullets (replace # with the desired number): give ammo # (e.g., give ammo 5)

    • Collect Denarii (coins) (replace # with the desired number): give coin # (e.g., give coin 5)

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