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    Hacked blazblue android, ios

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    Stronghold: church forest - Ragna is the brother of Jin and Saya. He had a bad history with Jin so every time they ran into each other, they would get hostile.
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    Tips: the gree up arrow on the equipment means it has a higher rating than current equipment. Continue to challenge the strongholds and try out your power! Enhancing equipment blazblue will upgrade the basic attribute of the equipment! After promotion your hero will become stronger! Auto fight will be unlocked after you cleared stronghold 15!

    Makoto - lieutenant of the librarium, outgoing and hyperactive, a good friend to Noel and Tsubaki. Jin - major of the librarium and commander of the 4th Thaumaturgist squadron, known as the “hero of ikaruga”

    Upgrade the hero tower blazblue to upgrade the max level of hero! During burst period, you will obtain increased damage and armor! Exp gained from stronghold raids will be given to the main hero you selected. The rewards will be available upon getting 3-star ratings for all strongholds of the chapter!

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