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    Take to the streets and protect Gotham City from evil in Gotham Knights. The game is a third-person action RPG released on October 21, 2022, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. It puts players in the shoes of one of four legendary Batman students as they try to cleanse Gotham of its villainous underbelly. These legendary Batman students include:

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    Gbv5LoeD8V - Batman: This cheat code likely corresponds to unlocking or accessing Batman as a playable character in the game. Batman is an iconic figure in the Batman universe and serves as a mentor to the other characters in Gotham Knights.
    8Yev7UraTo - Robin: This code may be used to unlock or play as Robin, another key character in the Batman mythos. Robin is one of the four playable characters in Gotham Knights and brings his unique skills to the game.
    53w6ABRU1B - Nightwing: Nightwing is a playable character in Gotham Knights, and this cheat code likely grants access to or enhances his abilities within the game.
    FW6336MkOQ - Batgirl: Batgirl is one of the four Bat-family members featured in Gotham Knights. This code likely enables players to play as Batgirl and explore her distinct gameplay style.
    cM7hIWXN3W - Red Hood: Red Hood, known for his relentless tactics and use of firearms, is another playable character in the game. This cheat code may provide access to Red Hood or enhance his gameplay.

    Gotham Knights received mixed to average reviews on launch, but further updates have improved its standing amongst gamers.

    Gotham Knights Premise

    When Batman is mortally wounded by longtime nemesis Ra’s al Ghul, he decides to take him down with him and blow up the Batcave. Gotham Knights puts players in the suits of one of four Batman protégés:

    • 0V1FRJRHED - Alfred Pennyworth: Alfred Pennyworth is Batman's loyal butler and confidant. This cheat code might involve Alfred in some way, possibly as a bonus or special feature in the game.

    • 8acQkalYmE - Ra’s al Ghul: Ra’s al Ghul is a significant antagonist in the Batman universe. This code could relate to Ra’s al Ghul's role or abilities within the game, possibly as a character or challenge.

    • eIMRWNcPU0 - Talia al Ghul: Talia al Ghul, Ra’s al Ghul's daughter, often plays a complex role in Batman's storylines. This code may involve her character or storyline in the game.

    • TG7XX6clBj - Mr. Freeze: Mr. Freeze is a well-known Batman villain. This cheat code may pertain to Mr. Freeze's presence or involvement within Gotham Knights, potentially as an adversary or mission.

    Batman armed his students with plenty of knowledge about Gotham City’s villains, including two warring factions that seek to take over Gotham: The Court of Owls and the League of Shadows. The Batsiblings work out of a new base called the Belfry and work to stop the dueling villainous groups from taking over the city — and the world.

    Each of the four characters provides a different playstyle. For example:

    • 0lqHRrQPFw - Harley Quinn: Harley Quinn, known for her unpredictable nature, is a prominent character in the Batman universe. This cheat code likely relates to her role or gameplay in the game.

    • v6Ubpgas7p - Clayface: Clayface, a shapeshifting villain, often poses unique challenges for Batman and his allies. This code may reference Clayface's role in Gotham Knights, possibly as a boss or storyline element.

    • GCMAcIevMx - Penguin: The Penguin is another iconic Batman villain known for his criminal enterprises. This code may involve the Penguin's presence or activities within the game.

    The Bat-Team spends their days in the Belfry, planning for their missions and upgrading their kits, then hits the streets to progress the campaign.

    Gotham Knights Main Characters

    All the usual cast of characters one would find in a Batman game are here, including:

    • Condolence Emails: At the beginning of the game, many key DC heroes send condolences to the Batfamily about Bruce’s death. The messages change based on which character you use, so be sure to mix it up.

    • Gray Ghost Movie Poster: Dr. Kirk Langstrom’s lab, first game mission

    • Calendar Easter Egg: In the same room as the Gray Ghost poster, the calendar shows November 4, 1992, the same day the Batman: The Animated Series episode Beware the Gray Ghost aired.

    • The Ventriloquist’s dummy Scarface: Found on a shelf in the GCPD lockup during the first night on patrol

    • Iceberg Lounge Displays: Found in Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge are the Clock King’s hat and Captain Boomerang’s boomerang.

    Easter Eggs in the Belfry:

    • A Black Canary concert poster by the TV

    • A Flying Graysons ad on the other side of the room

    • A Wonder Woman apron in the kitchen

    • Pictures of Dick Grayson’s family, Barbara Gordon in the Birds of Prey, Red Hood in the Outlaws, and Ace the Bat-Hound

    A black cat named Cisco makes the Belfry its home and can be found in multiple locations as you progress through the game.

    Tributes to Deceased Artists George Pérez and Neal Adams:

    • A George Pérez tribute plaque is found on Court Street in the Old Gotham district.

    • The Neal Adams tribute is found in the West End district, right outside of Gotham City General Hospital.

    Gotham Knights Cheat Code FAQs

    Who is the easiest character to play as? For solo players, Batgirl provides the most utility. She can revive herself using the Second Wind ability, and when upgraded with Vigilante Resolve, she can revive herself twice. However, Red Hood deals the most damage by far. If you are confident in your skills, you can utilize Red Hood’s brute strength to clear the game easier; however, many players consider him to be the worst character because of his slow speed.

    What is the max level? Level 30 is the highest so far.

    How do I get XP fast? To gain XP fast, complete missions and challenges, take on premeditated crimes, and, when all else fails, grind on enemies.

    Do the number of nights matter? No. You are not on a time limit to complete the main story of the game. If you need to level up your characters, you can do so without worry. The League of Shadows and Court of Owls will wait for you.

    How many hours long is Gotham Knights? It will take around 16 hours to complete a regular playthrough of Gotham Knights.

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