Spider-Man 2 Dev Comments
  • Spider-Man 2 Dev Comments on Whether a Venom Spinoff Game Could Happen

    On the eve of Spider-Man 2's release on PS5, the game's narrative director is discussing the potential of a Venom spin-off title.

    Spider-Man 2 Dev Comments

    Spider-Man 2 hasn't even officially launched yet, and the game's narrative director is already being asked about a potential Venom spin-off. As seen in the game's various promotional materials, Venom looks to play a major role in Spider-Man 2. The comic book character has had solo adventures before in both the comics and film space, so it stands to reason the popular villain-turned-anti-hero could star in their own game.

    Spider-Man 2 stands as the highest-rated game in the series thus far, so things already seem to be going well for the PS5 exclusive. While early sales figures have yet to be sorted out, the game also could be a top seller as both previous games in the franchise have eclipsed 33 million copies sold. All things considered, it appears as though Insomniac has a good grasp on the universe and looks to be able to make whatever moves it wants moving forward and fans will be on board. Perhaps, that also means a solo adventure for a fan-favorite antagonist.

    In an interview with Insider, Spider-Man 2's senior narrative director Jon Paquette discussed the potential of a Venom spin-off game. When asked about the subject directly, Paquette played coy and said the team would "wait to see how the fans react." This will, of course, come after the development team has some time to rest and take stock following the game's release. Perhaps any potential spin-off might take a back seat to Insomniac's next potentially more mature outing with The Wolverine.

    Spider-Man 2 Dev Comments

    Paquette went on to talk about how the team took inspiration from all sorts of Venom stories in Marvel Comics but then also went on to create their own thing. Insomniac appears to have done a good job, as even Venom's co-creator praised the design.

    Insomniac appears to have nailed Venom, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the character receive his own hulking adventure. While Spider-Man 2 is tied for the highest-rated Insomniac game of all time, each game thus far has been well-received by both fans and critics. That, of course, includes Miles' solo game, Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

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    Maybe Venom wouldn't even require his own game. Perhaps the next entry in the series could merely have players switching between Venom, Miles, and Peter at will similar to how moving between Spider-Men works in Spider-Man 2. That way Venom could still get his own adventure inside the larger Spider-Man 3 narrative. That said, however Insomniac decides to handle the character moving forward, it will likely attract the attention of the gaming community.

    Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is available for PS5.

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