the release date of Deadpool 3
  • The delay in Deadpool 3's release date could have significant implications for another Marvel film, Captain America: Brave New World.

    A continuing actors' strike has forced a pause in the production of Deadpool 3, with no immediate resolution in sight. Even if the strike were to conclude soon, the completion of Deadpool 3 would require additional time, leading to an inevitable delay.

    Reports indicate that Deadpool 3 is unlikely to meet its original release date of May 3, 2024. This delay creates an opportunity for Captain America: Brave New World to step into its place. While it's considered a "long shot," there's a possibility that Captain America 4, which has already completed filming, could fill the May 3 slot. This information comes from the X account CanWeGetSomeToast, as revealed through a discovery in a Disney Media Kit.

    the release date of Deadpool 3

    As Deadpool 3 remains temporarily on hold, Marvel enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of Captain America: Brave New World. This installment introduces Sam Wilson as the new Captain America and revives overlooked MCU characters, including Tim Blake Nelson as The Leader and Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, both of whom made their debut in 2008's The Incredible Hulk. Harrison Ford will step into the role of Captain Thunderbolt Ross following the passing of William Hurt.

    While plot details for Captain America 4 remain sparse, it is expected to integrate elements from Falcon and the Winter Soldier and The Incredible Hulk. The return of Isaiah Bradley hints at connections to the broader MCU storyline. The film will also introduce the Serpent Society as formidable adversaries, adding an element of intrigue.

    Marvel Studios has encountered challenges with recent releases, in part due to the absence of an overarching narrative thread in their films. The reception of Captain America: Brave New World among fans remains to be seen, and Marvel may need to contemplate adjustments to recapture its previous success.

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