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    Hello, people! We’re going to teach you how to play pokemon! You start each game with on active pokemon! Tap and hold on a card to get a quick look, or double-tap for more datails. Oshawatt is a basic pokemon, which means you can start the game with him.He also has 60 hit points and two attacks.
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    Tips: you can attack one energy each turn. The first player can’t attack on his or her first turn.Trainer card are different from pokemon and energy. Trainer cards have special effects that can help you out. If you draw all 6 prize cards, you win the game! Quick attack has an additional effect.

    Now that you know the basics, i’m going to teach you some more advanced rules. Make sure you have a pokemon on your bench in case your active pokemon is knocked out.

    Let me introduce you to some of the other trainers. Play against them to earn rewards. When a pokemon is poisone, put 1 damage counter on it between turns.

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  • how and where enter
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