Honkai Impact: Lunar Vow
  • New Honkai Impact Update: Lunar Vow

    Prepare for an exciting new Honkai Impact update titled 'Re: Promise to Luna'! In this update, you'll reunite with the vampire Theresa under the captivating blood moon. Theresa is back with a stunning transformation, and her latest battlesuit, Lunar Vow: Crimson Love, is here to dazzle and dominate.

    1. Introducing Lunar Vow: Crimson Love Battlesuit

    Theresa's new battlesuit, Lunar Vow: Crimson Love, elevates her to S-rank status and transforms her into a psy-type lightning damage dealer. Equipped with a cross that can transform into a chainsaw, Theresa has some exciting new abilities:

    • Blood Moon Frenzy: As she gathers charge in battle, Theresa enters a frenzy, wielding dual chainsaws that slash faster with each swing.

    • Crimson Elegance: Her ultimate move involves splitting her chainsaw in two, dashing in front of enemies, and delivering devastating slashes under the blood moon.

    Theresa's battlesuit promises both elegance and power as she takes on formidable foes.

    2. The Continuation of the Main Story

    In addition to the battlesuit, the update continues the main story. Players follow the aftermath of Griseo and Fu Hua's trial, uncovering truths and facing off against new SD-type enemies. These foes can undergo transformations and introduce new damage mechanics as their HP decreases, adding strategic depth to battles.

    3. Exciting Adventures on Mars

    The anticipation for part two of the game is building, as it promises a brand-new story set on Mars. Oxia City, a vibrant and technologically advanced metropolis, will be the first stage for unfolding plots. Players will take on the role of the 'Dreamseeker,' embarking on adventures with a group of unique companions.

    4. Release Date and Updates

    The Honkai Impact 3rd 7.0 update is scheduled to launch on October 26. It brings the new battlesuit, limited-time events, and rewarding bonuses. Stay updated on the latest news through the official website and Honkai Impact 3rd's social media channels.

    5. Stay Tuned for More

    Get ready to embrace the blood moon glow-up with Theresa's Lunar Vow: Crimson Love battlesuit. Dive into the captivating world of Honkai Impact and prepare for thrilling adventures on Mars. The game's future looks promising, and there's much more to discover in the world of Honkai Impact.

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