Bathtub Warfare
  • Bathtub Warfare: Unleash the Power of Cheat Codes

    Welcome to the world of Bathtub Warfare, where victory is just a cheat code away! Dive into the chaos of cameramen battling it out on the streets, armed with their trusty cameras. To dominate this quirky battlefield, you'll need a stash of powerful cheat codes. In this guide, we'll reveal the secrets behind each cheat code, ensuring you have the upper hand in the world of Bathtub Warfare.

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    Bathtub Warfare Cheat Codes

    Let's explore the arsenal of cheat codes, each offering a unique advantage:

    Code 1: 1MILCASH

    Activate this code to instantly receive 1 million in-game cash. With this financial boost, you can unlock powerful upgrades, unique costumes, and special items, ensuring your dominance on the battlefield.

    Code 2: SPEEDSTER

    Unlock the Speedster Potion with this code. The potion grants you increased speed, allowing you to move swiftly through the streets and outmaneuver your opponents.

    Code 3: 2XTROUBLE

    Use this code to activate the Double Trouble Boost. It doubles your earnings and experience points, propelling you to the top ranks of cameramorphs.

    Code 4: SNAPSHOT

    Want to stand out? Enter this code to unlock the Snapshot Camera Skin, giving your camera head a unique and eye-catching appearance.

    Code 5: UNLIFILM

    Say goodbye to running out of film! The Unlimited Film Reel code provides you with an endless supply of film, ensuring your camera is always ready for action.

    Bathtub Warfare Quiz

    Test your knowledge of Bathtub Warfare cheat codes with these challenging quiz questions:

    Question 1:

    What does the "1MILCASH" Bathtub Warfare code grant you in the game?

    • A) 1 million experience points

    • B) 1 million in-game currency

    • C) 1 million bonus rounds

    Question 2:

    Which Bathtub Warfare code provides a Speedster Potion?

    • A) "SNAPSHOT"

    • B) "2XTROUBLE"

    • C) "SPEEDSTER"

    Question 3:

    How does the "2XTROUBLE" Bathtub Warfare code benefit players?

    • A) It unlocks new skins

    • B) It doubles earnings and experience points

    • C) It grants unlimited film reels

    Question 4:

    What advantage does the "SNAPSHOT" code provide?

    • A) Increased damage

    • B) Enhanced mobility

    • C) Unique appearance

    Question 5:

    Why is the "UNLIFILM" code valuable in Bathtub Warfare?

    • A) It speeds up your character

    • B) It grants extra lives

    • C) It ensures you never run out of film

    Game Overview

    Bathtub Warfare plunges players into a whimsical Roblox game where cameramen rule the streets. Engage in thrilling battles, overcome unique challenges, and rise to the top as you capture memorable moments. Armed with cheat codes, you'll conquer the quirky world of Bathtub Warfare and secure your place as the ultimate cameramorph.

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