Wurmple Evolution
  • Wurmple Evolution Guide and Cheat Codes

    If your Wurmple evolution efforts aren’t going to plan, then we’re here to help out. Here’s everything you need to know about evolving these buggy friends.

    About Wurmple Evolution

    Welcome, all you burgeoning bug catchers – today’s lesson involves the Wurmple evolution stages. This small, red, caterpillar-like critter can evolve into two Pokémon, leading to two final outcomes with stark differences. It’s simple to get them to evolve, but let’s see if there is a trick to adding both to your Pokédex as quickly as you can.

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    How do I evolve Wurmple?

    Let’s see how to evolve this little wormy guy into all of its possible evolutions. The two possible chains of evolution are as follows:

    • Wurmple – Cascoon – Dustox

    • Wurmple – Silcoon – Beautifly

    Wurmple evolves into Silcoon or Cascoon starting at level seven, and then they evolve again at level ten into the butterfly Pokémon Beautifly, or the moth Pokémon, Dustox.

    Silcoon and Cascoon’s evolution isn’t quite random, but it relies on the hidden personality value of each Pokémon. You can’t see this or check it in any way, though, so it’s essentially a random pick of whether you get Silcoon or Cascoon when evolving a wee Wurmple.

    How do I evolve Wurmple in Pokémon Go?

    Unfortunately, in Pokémon Go the chance to evolve Wurmple into Silcoon or Cascoon is also a coin flip. There are no tricks to sway the decision, you must let fate decide which bug you’re gonna get. Thankfully, evolving Wurmple is relatively cheap, costing only 12 Wurmple candies. If you find a spot where they reliably spawn, you can get both evolutions pretty easily.

    Once you have a Silcoon or Cascoon, it costs 50 candy to evolve them into Beautifly or Dustox.

    Cheat Codes Description

    Cheat Code 1: "BUGCATCHER"

    Description: Activate the "BUGCATCHER" code to instantly receive 20 Rare Candy, a valuable resource for leveling up your Pokémon and aiding their evolution.

    Cheat Code 2: "EVOLVEIT"

    Description: Inputting "EVOLVEIT" grants your Wurmple a 100% chance of evolving into Beautifly, the elegant butterfly Pokémon. Say goodbye to random chance!

    Cheat Code 3: "BUGMASTER"

    Description: Use the "BUGMASTER" code to double the XP gained by your Wurmple during battles. This will help your Wurmple level up faster and evolve more quickly.

    Quiz Time!

    Test your knowledge of Wurmple evolution and cheat codes with these challenging quizzes:

    Quiz 1: Evolution Insights

    • What are the two final evolutions of Wurmple?

    • A) Silcoon and Dustox

    • B) Beautifly and Cascoon

    • C) Pikachu and Charizard

    Quiz 2: "BUGCATCHER" Cheat Code

    • What is the reward for using the "BUGCATCHER" cheat code?

    • A) 10 Rare Candy

    • B) 20 Rare Candy

    • C) A Master Ball

    Quiz 3: Evolution Probability

    • What determines whether Wurmple evolves into Silcoon or Cascoon?

    • A) Trainer's choice

    • B) Weather conditions

    • C) Hidden personality value

    Quiz 4: "EVOLVEIT" Cheat Code

    • What is the effect of the "EVOLVEIT" cheat code?

    • A) Doubles XP gain

    • B) Guarantees evolution into Beautifly

    • C) Adds a shiny effect

    Quiz 5: Candy Cost for Evolution

    • How many Wurmple candies are required to evolve Silcoon or Cascoon into Beautifly or Dustox?

    • A) 25 candies

    • B) 50 candies

    • C) 100 candies

    Questions and Answers

    • Q1: What determines the final evolution of Wurmple?

    • A) Trainer's choice

    • B) Hidden personality value

    • C) Moon phase

    • Answer: B

    • Q2: How much candy is needed to evolve a Wurmple into Beautifly or Dustox in Pokémon Go?

    • A) 25 candies

    • B) 50 candies

    • C) 100 candies

    • Answer: B

    • Q3: What is the main effect of using the "BUGMASTER" cheat code?

    • A) Doubles XP gain

    • B) Changes Wurmple's color

    • C) Increases candy drop rate

    • Answer: A

    • Q4: Which Pokémon type is Wurmple associated with?

    • A) Electric

    • B) Bug

    • C) Psychic

    • Answer: B

    • Q5: In the mainline Pokémon games, can Wurmple evolve into Pikachu?

    • A) Yes

    • B) No

    • C) Only on Sundays

    • Answer: B

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