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    Welcome to the world of "Project Makeover," where fashion meets puzzles and style is your superpower. In this guide, we'll explore the thrilling universe of Project Makeover, where cheat codes can turn your makeover dreams into reality. Get ready to dive into the fashion frenzy and discover the secrets behind this addictive mobile game.

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    Game Overview

    Before we unveil the cheat codes that will elevate your gameplay, let's take a moment to understand the essence of "Project Makeover":

    • Fashion Meets Puzzles: Project Makeover combines the thrill of fashion makeovers with mind-bending match-three puzzles. It's a unique blend of style and strategy that keeps players hooked.

    • Your Stylish Studio: You're not just solving puzzles; you're running your makeover studio. Customize rooms, select outfits, and transform your clients from fashion disasters to trendsetters.

    • Creative Challenges: Each makeover assignment presents a creative challenge. Combine tiles strategically to complete fashion-themed puzzles and unlock your clients' style potential.

    Cheat Codes

    Uncover the hidden powers of "Project Makeover" with these cheat codes:


    Description: Activate "MakeoverMagic" to instantly complete the makeover process. Your clients will be amazed by the transformation, and you'll earn bonus rewards for your style prowess.


    Description: Need a boost of style points? Enter "StyleSorcery" to max out your style meter. Watch as your studio becomes a fashion haven, attracting more clients.


    Description: Stuck on a tricky puzzle level? "PuzzlePro" comes to the rescue. It automatically clears challenging tiles, making puzzle-solving a breeze.


    Description: With "GlamourGems," you'll receive a gem windfall. Use these precious gems to unlock exclusive outfits and décor items for your studio.


    Description: Activate "FashionFrenzy" to speed up makeover processes. Your clients won't have to wait, and you'll complete assignments in record time.

    Quiz Questions

    Test your "Project Makeover" knowledge with these challenging quiz questions:

    • Question 1: What genre of game is "Project Makeover"?

      • A. Racing

      • B. Match-three puzzle

      • C. Horror

    • Question 2: What does the cheat code "MakeoverMagic" do?

      • A. Unlocks new levels

      • B. Completes makeovers instantly

      • C. Summons magical creatures

    • Question 3: What is the primary objective of "Project Makeover"?

      • A. Solve mysteries

      • B. Transform clients through makeovers

      • C. Defeat virtual monsters

    • Question 4: Which cheat code provides a boost of style points?

      • A. "StyleSorcery"

      • B. "PuzzlePro"

      • C. "GlamourGems"

    • Question 5: How can "FashionFrenzy" cheat code benefit gameplay?

      • A. Enhances puzzle-solving skills

      • B. Speeds up makeover processes

      • C. Unlocks secret levels

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