True Skate
  • True Skate: Master the Art of Skateboarding with Your Fingertips!


    Welcome to the thrilling world of True Skate, where skateboarding meets mobile gaming. True Skate is a skateboarding simulation game designed for touchscreen devices that brings the excitement of skateboarding right to your fingertips. Whether you're a seasoned skater or new to the sport, True Skate offers an immersive and authentic skateboarding experience that you can enjoy on the go.

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    Game Overview

    True Skate is all about capturing the essence of skateboarding in a mobile game format. It provides players with a virtual skatepark, a skateboard, and the freedom to perform tricks and maneuvers using just one finger. This game combines the thrill of sports and entertainment into one addictive package.

    The gameplay revolves around the idea of skating freely in a meticulously designed and visually stunning skatepark. True Skate aims to provide an authentic skateboarding experience, allowing you to explore the park, execute tricks, and challenge yourself to achieve new levels of skill.

    One of the standout features of True Skate is its accessibility. While there are thrilling skatepark expansions available via in-app purchases, the preloaded skatepark provides more than enough entertainment for casual players. It strikes a balance that doesn't overwhelm your senses, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. However, die-hard skateboarding enthusiasts may choose to explore additional skatepark options and levels to further test their skills.

    In True Skate, you become the skateboarder, and there's no need for character customization. The game puts you in control, allowing you to view the action from behind the skateboard. While there's no character to customize, you can personalize your skateboard with images, logos, and an array of colors and wheels.

    Cheat Codes

    Unlock hidden opportunities and enhance your skateboarding experience with these exclusive cheat codes:


    Activate "FingerFlip" to perform mesmerizing finger flips with ease. Impress your virtual audience with your style and finesse.


    Take your skateboarding to new heights with "GravityBoost." This cheat code defies gravity, allowing you to perform gravity-defying tricks and soar through the skatepark.


    Need for speed? "SuperSpeed" is your ticket to lightning-fast skateboarding. Race through the park at incredible velocities and leave a trail of awe-inspired skaters behind.


    Unleash your inner trickster with "Trickster." This cheat code grants you access to an extensive library of mind-bending skateboard tricks. Keep your audience guessing with your endless repertoire.


    Become the ultimate Skate Master with this cheat code. "SkateMaster" unlocks all skatepark expansions, giving you access to a playground of infinite possibilities.

    Quiz Questions

    Test your knowledge of True Skate with these challenging quiz questions:

    • Question 1: What is the primary objective of True Skate?

      • A. Perform gravity-defying tricks

      • B. Customize your skater

      • C. Experience authentic skateboarding

    • Question 2: Which cheat code allows you to defy gravity and perform incredible tricks?

      • A. "SuperSpeed"

      • B. "Trickster"

      • C. "GravityBoost"

    • Question 3: How does True Skate provide an authentic skateboarding experience?

      • A. Through character customization

      • B. By offering a variety of skatepark expansions

      • C. By allowing players to explore a realistic skatepark

    • Question 4: What is the key feature of "FingerFlip" cheat code?

      • A. Lightning-fast skateboarding

      • B. Gravity-defying tricks

      • C. Mesmerizing finger flips

    • Question 5: How can you become the ultimate Skate Master in True Skate?

      • A. Complete all missions with a 100% rating

      • B. Unlock all skatepark expansions

      • C. Perform 50 different skateboard tricks

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