Scary Teacher 3D
  • Scary Teacher 3D: Unleashing Chaos with Exclusive Cheat Codes


    Prepare yourself to confront the Scary High School Teacher! We've all had that one teacher who strikes fear into our hearts. But what if the tables were turned, and the terrified became the terrorizer? Scary Teacher 3D takes this intriguing premise and runs with it. The game's narrative centers around a brilliant young girl and her utterly dreadful teacher, a nightmarish educator who subjects her students to mental and physical torment. She has become the stuff of every student's darkest dreams.

    The story unfolds when the frightening teacher becomes a neighbor to one of her pupils. This young genius seizes the perfect opportunity for revenge. It's time to pull pranks on her within the confines of her own home.

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    Scary Teacher 3D boasts over 100 million downloads on Google Play and millions more on the Apple App Store. While suitable for players of all ages, the game does contain pranks that should not be replicated at home. It is advisable for children aged 12 and under to play this game under adult supervision.

    • Challenge: Prepare to execute pranks on the scary teacher while evading her watchful eye. You'll have access to hints and various solutions to plan your mischief.

    • Chapters: Unlock multiple chapters comprising different levels by watching ads and progressing through the game.

    Throughout your gameplay, you'll encounter the following collectibles:

    • Coins: These coins are essential for advancing to new levels. You can acquire them by watching ads or purchasing them with real money.

    • Rewards: Collect daily rewards during your gaming sessions to aid in your pranks. Most rewards consist of items that facilitate your mischief or additional coins for making purchases.

    Scary Teacher 3D promises an entertaining and interactive experience. The pranks you pull on the scary teacher will keep her on her toes. You'll have the chance to explore 15 rooms within her house, each concealing its own mysteries. Yet, be prepared for some spine-chilling discoveries, such as photographs of her previous victims, terrorized pets, and various other peculiar items scattered throughout her residence. And, surprisingly, you might even stumble upon chocolate and cakes in some rooms.

    The ominous figure known as Miss T, the Scary Teacher, now residing as your neighbor, provides the perfect canvas for your mischievous artwork. The game offers relentless entertainment, ensuring you'll be captivated from start to finish. However, it's no walk in the park; Miss T will be relentless in her pursuit, so maintaining your vigilance is crucial. When plotting your pranks, exercise utmost caution to avoid detection, or else face the consequences at the hands of this terrifying teacher.

    Cheat Codes

    Get ready to take your pranking game to the next level with these exclusive cheat codes. Each code grants you unique advantages and opportunities for more hilarious mayhem:

    • Cheat Code 1: "SilentSteps"

      Activate "SilentSteps" to move stealthily and avoid making noise while executing your pranks. Stay one step ahead of Miss T without arousing suspicion.

    • Cheat Code 2: "InfiniteSupplies"

      With "InfiniteSupplies," you'll never run out of prank materials. Ensure you have an endless arsenal of tricks up your sleeve to keep Miss T guessing.

    • Cheat Code 3: "TimeWarp"

      Manipulate time with "TimeWarp." Slow down the clock to buy yourself extra moments to set up elaborate pranks or make your escape when things get hairy.

    Here's a detailed description of each cheat code:

    • "SilentSteps": This code enables you to move in complete silence, ensuring your pranks go off without a hitch. Slip past Miss T undetected and execute your mischief with precision.

    • "InfiniteSupplies": Activate this code, and you'll never find yourself short on prank materials. Whether it's itching powder, glue, or whoopee cushions, you'll have an endless supply to keep the pranks coming.

    • "TimeWarp": With "TimeWarp" at your disposal, time itself becomes your ally. Slow down time when you're in a tight spot, giving you the precious moments you need to plot your next move or flee from danger.

    Quiz Questions

    Test your knowledge of Scary Teacher 3D and its cheat codes with these challenging quiz questions:

    1. Question 1: Who is the primary antagonist in Scary Teacher 3D?

    • A. The brilliant young girl

    • B. The scary high school teacher

    • C. Miss T's neighbor

    Question 2: What does the "SilentSteps" cheat code allow you to do?

    • A. Move stealthily

    • B. Control time

    • C. Generate infinite supplies

    Question 3: How many rooms are there to explore in Miss T's house?

    • A. 5

    • B. 10

    • C. 15

    Question 4: Which cheat code provides an endless supply of prank materials?

    • A. "SilentSteps"

    • B. "InfiniteSupplies"

    • C. "TimeWarp"

    Question 5: What is the primary objective of the game?

    • A. Solve mysteries

    • B. Complete levels

    • C. Pull pranks on the scary teacher

    How to Play

    Embark on your mischievous journey through 15 rooms in Miss T's house, each presenting an opportunity for a different prank. You'll be equipped with two screens: one to control your character and the other to keep tabs on the dreaded teacher's movements. It's crucial to set up your pranks swiftly and discreetly before she enters the room, or you'll face dire consequences.

    Upon entering each room, you'll receive instructions on preparing for the upcoming prank. Your pranks may include placing a pin on her couch, adding extra red pepper to her pizza, pouring glue into her bathtub, and even setting off explosives in her food. The goal is to make her life as miserable as she's made her students'. When the pranks commence, make a hasty exit from her house to avoid detection.

    One of the highlights of the game is its captivating audio, featuring the voice of the scary teacher herself. Her reactions and commentary will keep you engaged and motivated as you execute your pranks. As you progress, you'll delve deeper into the mysteries of the house, including its intriguing basement. To access this hidden area, you'll need to elevate your gameplay and tackle more challenging pranks.

    Your mission begins by observing Miss T's daily routine. Wait for her to become engrossed in her morning activities, such as retrieving the morning paper and preparing breakfast. Her kitchen, located on the first floor, serves as the ideal starting point for your pranks. When her back is turned, it's your cue to enter a room and set your plan in motion. You must work swiftly and stealthily, always keeping an eye on Miss T's movements to avoid being caught.

    Should you suspect her approach, quickly sabotage her clothes or make her experience discomfort. Your aim is to subject her to the same misery she inflicts upon her students. The game also features special chapters for occasions like Christmas and Valentine's Day, offering even more enjoyable and festive gameplay experiences.

    Join forces with The Terrible Teacher and immerse yourself in an interactive and entertaining game. This is your chance to drive the terrible teacher to the brink of madness within the confines of her own home.

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