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    Tangle Master 3D is an incredibly engaging puzzle game developed by Rollic Games. It presents players with the challenge of untangling complex knots and tangles. To add an extra layer of fun to your gaming experience, we've compiled a list of cheat codes that can be activated within the game. These cheat codes will make your journey through the world of knots and untangling even more enjoyable. Plus, we've added a touch of color to make the cheat code titles stand out.

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    Cheat Code 1: "SuperSolver"
    Description: Activate the "SuperSolver" cheat code to turn on a built-in puzzle-solving AI. This AI will automatically untangle the knots for you, making each level a breeze. It's perfect for those moments when you're feeling stuck or just want to sit back and relax while the game does the work.

    Cheat Code 2: "InstantUntangle"

    Description: With the "InstantUntangle" cheat code, all knots and tangles will unravel instantly as soon as you touch them. This cheat is for players who want to speed through levels without any hassle. It's like having the magical touch of a knot-untangling wizard.

    Cheat Code 3: "UnlimitedRotations"

    Description: "UnlimitedRotations" grants you the ability to rotate the puzzle as many times as you want without any restrictions. This cheat is excellent for those tricky puzzles where a different perspective can make all the difference.

    Cheat Code 4: "TimeWarp"

    Description: Enable "TimeWarp" to slow down time while you're playing. This cheat gives you the advantage of having more time to strategize and solve puzzles without the pressure of a ticking clock.

    Cheat Code 5: "DoubleStars"

    Description: By activating "DoubleStars," you'll earn twice as many stars for completing each level. Stars are essential for progressing through the game and unlocking new challenges, so this cheat code can help you advance faster.

    Cheat Code 6: "InfiniteLives"

    Description: "InfiniteLives" ensures that you never run out of lives, no matter how many mistakes you make. You can keep trying until you untangle every knot to perfection.

    Cheat Code 7: "ColorfulRopes"

    Description: This cheat, "ColorfulRopes," adds a vibrant and visually appealing touch to the game. All ropes will be displayed in a rainbow of colors, making the gameplay experience even more enjoyable.

    Cheat Code 8: "GravityDefy"

    Description: "GravityDefy" allows you to untangle ropes without worrying about gravity. Ropes will stay in place once untangled, making it easier to manage multiple strands.

    Cheat Code 9: "SilentMode"

    Description: Enable "SilentMode" to play the game without any background music or sound effects. This cheat is perfect for those moments when you want to concentrate without any distractions.

    Cheat Code 10: "ReverseChallenge"

    Description: "ReverseChallenge" flips the difficulty curve by starting you with the most complex puzzles first and gradually getting easier. It's a unique twist on the standard gameplay progression.
    How to Activate Cheat Codes:
    To activate these cheat codes, follow these simple steps:

    While in the game, pause by tapping the pause button or using the in-game menu.
    Look for the "Enter Cheat Code" option in the menu.
    Enter the cheat code exactly as shown above (including capitalization).
    Confirm the code, and the cheat will be activated.
    These cheat codes will add a splash of excitement and convenience to your Tangle Master 3D adventure. Enjoy untangling knots in style and with a touch of color!

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