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  • clash of clans town hall seven - new farming strategies: Tower hall 7 good farm guide.
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    clash of clans th7

    Most beginners difficult to place properly maintaining the building resources. Received the seventh level (tower hall 7) open 48 additional cell wall using that can significantly increase the defense th7.

    Tactics beginners: center takes base clash of clans th7 more are placed around the gun protection bad defense player will destroy the wall freely destroy defenses secure a quick victory.

    correct tactics arrangement clash of clans th7

    Placement of the base will be much more effective efforts town hall fence, adding magic tower plus archers. Strengthening the perimeter fence surrounds guns weaknesses close resource buildings.
    Base clash of clans th7 should be located on the center of the map , many mistaken thinking that the enemy will not pass from the edge of the card. It is important to improve the maximum cannon wall before moving to the next level.

    Best locks clash of clans th7 strengthening such that breaking the enemy will suffer a huge loss if it does not destroy the town hall , or will take a minimum of resources.

    best th7 look like

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    Some players put Town Hall beyond the fence and these often retain their . And during a set of cups, made ​​contrary to hide as much as possible its main building from soldiers.

    table of costs and construction time

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