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Legend Fighter
  • Legend Fighter - Mortal Battle Cheat Codes

    Prepare to embark on an epic adventure in Legend Fighter - Mortal Battle, a captivating fusion of role-playing and fighting genres. In this visually stunning RPG, you'll step into the shoes of a valiant adventurer and journey through Arena 100. Your mission? Thwart the sinister plans of the formidable Kaiser Dragons while honing your combat skills.

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    Main Features:

    1. PVE Mode: Engage in battles against AI opponents as you follow the gripping main storyline. Recruit and strengthen your allies to form a formidable team.

    2. Online PVP Tournament: Join monthly seasons of intense player-versus-player combat for rewards and thrilling challenges. Spar with friends in PVP mode to sharpen your skills.

    3. Tomb of Unknown King: Assemble skilled allies and explore the enigmatic Tomb of the Unknown Emperor, a labyrinth filled with secrets and dangers.

    4. Treasure Valley: Venture into the thieves' lair, but beware of Shadows, malevolent beings that can ensnare warrior souls. Bring Holy Water to deal with these formidable foes.

    Unlock the Power with Realistic Cheat Codes:

    • SUPERSTRENGTH50: Boost your character's physical prowess to supernatural levels, overpowering foes with ease.

    • UNSTOPPABLEFORCE100: Become an unstoppable juggernaut on the battlefield, impervious to enemy attacks.

    • EPICWEAPONS75: Gain access to legendary weapons of immense power, turning the tide of any battle.

    • ENERGYBOOST150: Enjoy boundless energy reserves, enabling the execution of devastating special abilities without restraint.

    • SHADOWINVISIBILITY200: Cloak your character in shadows, rendering them nearly invisible to enemies. Move stealthily and strike from the darkness.

    With these cheat codes, your journey in Legend Fighter - Mortal Battle reaches new heights of excitement. Dive into the game, sharpen your skills, and face off against the mighty Kaiser Dragons. Victory awaits!

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