Desperate heroes hacking
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    Hacked Desperate heroes android, ios

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    Desperate heroes android, ios hack

    The warlords of human alliances gathered to discuss the identity of object in front of them. There were ominous dark clouds gathering over the tent. However clouds gathering over the tent. However the meeting were finished in vain and Lord Balthazar, the hero of Black Rock valley withdrew with his army back to their stronghold.

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    Suddenly there were an alert signal all over the alliance camps. The order was to pursue Lord Balthazar and retrieve the object disappeared with him. All of heroes in the alliance must accomplish this mission.

    Djamilya Desperate heroes is the daughter of an archaeologist father and a witch of Cursed Land desert. She grew up learning the ancient language and elemental magic from her parents. Djamilya felt the disturbance from the ancient tombs in Cursed Land Desert and found out resurrection of the undead army with the advent of the Lich King. Now she is known as an arch mage with elemental power rather than the protector of tombs.

    You won the first battle Desperate heroes! Well done! You must learn how to upgrade items. When you upgrade your weapons and armor you can make them stronger or give new abilities! So here is an Item Upgrade Stone and Gold.

    Axe Warlord is a fierce warrior and trusted by his dwarven friends. He is the master of the battle and does not know the compromise. The Dwarf king Horas gave him an impossible mission to carry out. Finally Axe Warlord was forced in exile. He joined the Alliances and fight with his new colleagues.

    You can revive immediately if you kill a monster by using a Desperate Skill. You need time to use a Desperate Skill again. The recovered HP by success of Desperate Skill is increased by Mastery.

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    Once Silence was a famous actor, but Dark alliances took everything from him. He swore to avenge the loss of his friends and family members and became a leader of Paprika Band belong to Human Alliances. Ever since he lost his words and he has been called Silence.
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