save Dan hacking
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    The plan of the article:
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    Hacked save Dan android, ios

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    save Dan android, ios hack

    This is Dan. Keep him away from zombies as long as you can. He must activate all 3 beacons to get one of 3 bonus crates. Destroy bonus crates to receive bonus. Zeus will impale zombies. Smushball will heal his wounds. With slowtime you will shoot more precisely. Use radar to navigate. Running makes Dan tired. He will walk then. Watch his stamina.

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    You and zombies can harm him. Watch his health bar. You can reload your weapon by tapping weapon icon. Slide left to right over screen to turn yourself around.
    Game tips: green zombies are the easiest to kill. Red ones are the toughest ones. Poker chip gun uses fast chips to exterminate zombies around save Dan. When shot, barrels explode, killing everyone around them. Holy water launcher launches holy water cans that purificate every zombie that steps on it. Zombies spawn randomly around Dan. Those bloodthirsty chicks are dangerous! Dan’s goat impales zombies on its horns, and smushball health dan’s wounds.

    how to enter cheats save Dan.

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