South of the Circle
  • South of the Circle

    Cheat code #1: 23Jd4P-5gWL

    Set against the chilling backdrop of the Cold War, South of the Circle presents a narrative-driven journey with Peter and Clara, two Cambridge academics caught in a whirlwind of complex emotions and moral dilemmas. By entering the code 23Jd4P-5gWL, you unlock the 'Eternal Promise' feature, which allows you to explore "what if" scenarios, creating alternate timelines where different promises were kept or broken. This unique cheat not only enhances the depth of the narrative but also invites players to reflect on the consequences of choices made in love and ambition, echoing the game's central theme of the haunting power of the past.

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    Cheat code #2: 47Vm6X-2qSA

    South of the Circle’s poignant story is further enriched by the cheat code 47Vm6X-2qSA, named 'Emotional Insight'. This code activates a deeper emotional connection between the player and the characters, providing additional dialogue options that reveal hidden layers of their psyches. Through this lens, the resonant dialogue becomes an even more powerful tool for storytelling, offering a richer understanding of the characters' internal struggles. This cheat code is a key to unlock the most intimate moments and unspoken thoughts, adding profound new dimensions to the gripping narrative.

    Cheat code #3: 52Lr8F-1hME

    The cheat code 52Lr8F-1hME, known as 'Cinematic Vision', transforms the game's visual storytelling, amplifying the beautiful aesthetic and cinematic scope of South of the Circle. With this code, players can experience the game in an enhanced mode that brings the nuanced writing and the atmospheric environments to life with even more vivid detail. The code not only augments the visual experience but also adds depth to the narrative, making each frame of the journey as haunting as a frozen moment from the past.

    Cheat code #4: 68Bt3Q-4yUP

    Immerse yourself in the rich, historical tapestry of the 1960s with the cheat code 68Bt3Q-4yUP, dubbed 'Historian's Gaze'. This code unlocks a detailed compendium of the era, offering players a deeper dive into the cultural and political context that shapes the game's world. Through this, the authentic environments and period-accurate settings become gateways to understanding the larger forces at play in Peter and Clara's lives, providing a more profound appreciation for the story's setting and its impact on their choices.

    Cheat code #5: 79Ck2Z-3lRX

    With the code 79Ck2Z-3lRX, labeled 'Heart's Whisper', players gain access to a unique emotion-based mechanic that influences character interactions throughout South of the Circle. This cheat allows players to navigate complex emotional landscapes, making decisions that resonate more deeply with the characters' inner feelings. By using this code, players can unlock new narrative paths and explore the subtle dynamics of Peter and Clara's relationship, experiencing the emotional intensity of their journey with even greater empathy and insight.

    Cheat code #6: 83Fm5G-6kNT

    83Fm5G-6kNT, or 'Actor's Empathy', is a cheat code that enhances the performances of the voice actors, bringing an additional layer of emotional depth to their already powerful delivery. With this code, the nuanced portrayals by the actors from renowned productions add an extra dimension of realism and passion, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the characters' experiences. The cheat not only enriches the narrative but also creates a more intimate connection between the player and the characters, as every inflection and emotion is felt more intensely.

    Cheat code #7: 94En7L-9vJX

    Activate the cheat code 94En7L-9vJX, known as 'Legacy of Design', to celebrate the artistry of State of Play Games. This code provides an in-depth look at the development process, featuring concept art, early drafts, and commentary from the creators. It's a homage to the studio's legacy, from the BAFTA-winning Lumino City to the acclaimed KAMI 2, giving players a curated gallery of artistic milestones. This cheat not only honors the developer's history but also offers inspiration, showcasing the meticulous craft behind the game's captivating design.

    Cheat code #8: 51Mh3R-0bQZ

    The final cheat code, 51Mh3R-0bQZ, unlocks 'Eternal Echoes', a feature that allows players to experience the game’s soundtrack in a new, interactive way. With this code, the music adapts to the decisions made in-game, reflecting the emotional state of the characters and the consequences of your choices. This dynamic audio experience enriches the storytelling, ensuring that every playthrough is sonically unique and that the haunting melodies linger long after the game has ended, much like the echoes of past promises in the lives of Peter and Clara.
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