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    light fellowship of loux android, ios hack

    At the start of time, there was Loux, the goddess of creation, and Mara, the goddess of destruction. Mara destroyed everything that was put in her sight, and Loux recreated what was destroyed. The endless cycle of destruction and creation is what resulted as the current world. Mara, only capable of destruction, became jealous of Loux. She wanted the power of creation that she did not possess.

    After some time, Mara realized that she could no longer suppress the jealousy and attacked light fellowship of loux. The soul of Loux was shattered and scattered in the wind, spreading the power of light she possessed across the world.
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    From the pieces of her soul, Saints that follow the light and Reapers that worship darkness were born. With the birth of reapers, Mara’s power became stronger and the world was being poisoned by the darkness. Afterwards, in the world of scattered shards of light fellowship of loux, people that possessed the power of light strong enough to fight against the reapers were born. These people were called Brilith, meaning blessed by the light.

    Greetings. I'm Ian, the leader of the fellowship. I assume you've heard about the Fellowship of Loux? Let's take a look at what you'll be experiencing in your adventure. To prevent Mara from coming back, we need the power of the Goddess of Light. But that power is scattered across this world as Artifacts of Loux. We need to gather the artifacts to revive the power of the goddess of light.

    Event 1 Reach the designated Team Level to get Keys, Gold, and Gems as rewards!
    Event 2 Clear Area 1-15 in Normal Mode to get Hero Scrolls!
    Complete the event missions light fellowship of loux to become the and get special rewards! Study the hero attributes to strategize your battles. Heroes that have reached the MAX level won't acquire EXP and the EXP will be acquired by other Heroes. You can acquire higher grade Runes from the Raid.

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    You can build up your team composition through the Team Formation or get help from a friend through the Select Friend page.
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