Cheat code #1: 31Hn5B-6jQA

    Dive into the high-stakes mayhem of BATTLE CRUSH BETA with cheat code 31Hn5B-6jQA, dubbed 'Endurance Empower'. As the arena crumbles around you, this code fuels your Calixer with unmatched stamina. With every minute of the 8-minute countdown, 'Endurance Empower' ensures that your movements remain sharp, your skills precise. This cheat doesn't just keep you in the fight; it keeps you at the peak of your prowess, your energy reserves a flowing river even as the field falls to ruin, pushing you towards victory in the ultimate test of survival.

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    Cheat code #2: 42Io6C-7kRB

    In BATTLE CRUSH BETA's relentless fray, 42Io6C-7kRB, the 'Combo Conqueror', elevates your Light Attacks to devastating artistry. This code amplifies your quick moves and combos, turning each touch against your enemies into a masterful stroke. With 'Combo Conqueror', your Calixer's every jab, every swift strike, becomes a dance of destruction. Each enemy feels the wrath of your relentless assault, their defenses crumbling like the field beneath your feet, as you carve a path to the top with finesse and fury.

    Cheat code #3: 53Jp7D-8lSC

    The cheat code 53Jp7D-8lSC, known as 'Mighty Mauler', turns your Heavy Attacks into cataclysmic events. Each blow you deal carries the weight of a titan, sending enemies reeling with the force of an earthquake. 'Mighty Mauler' doesn't just enhance your attacks; it turns them into spectacles of raw power. Your Calixer becomes a legend on the battlefield, their name synonymous with the Heavy Attacks that echo like thunder, their knock-back blows a storm that sweeps foes away in awe and defeat.

    Cheat code #4: 64Kq8E-9mTD

    Gift yourself the ultimate edge with 64Kq8E-9mTD, the 'Ultimate Unleashed'. This cheat code charges your Ultimate at the speed of thought, keeping you invincible in crucial moments. 'Ultimate Unleashed' isn't just a boost; it's your ace in the hole, a force that turns the tides and bends the wills of those who stand against you. In the chaos of BATTLE CRUSH BETA, this cheat is your declaration of dominion, your Calixer's ultimate ability a harbinger of the endgame.

    Cheat code #5: 75Lr9F-0nUE

    Embrace agility and surprise with 75Lr9F-0nUE, the 'Dodge and Ambush'. This code refines your Dodge Attacks to perfection, allowing you to evade with the grace of a shadow and strike with the precision of a viper. 'Dodge and Ambush' turns your Calixer into a master of misdirection, your movements a blur, your counters a deadly whisper. With this cheat, outmaneuver your foes, become an enigma they cannot grasp, and when the moment is ripe, emerge from the ether for the decisive strike.

    Cheat code #6: 86Ms0G-1oVF

    With 86Ms0G-1oVF, christened 'Treasure's Touch', become a magnet for battlefield fortunes. This cheat code leads you to treasure chests as if by fate, the items within turning the tables in your favor. 'Treasure's Touch' is more than luck; it's destiny shaped by your hand. The stronger you become with each chest, the longer you outlast the fray, your survival a tale of serendipity and strength, of chests unlocked and enemies outplayed.

    Cheat code #7: 97Nt1H-2pWG

    Activate the cheat code 97Nt1H-2pWG, known as 'Calixer's Call', and call forth the might of Poseidon and Medusa. This code awakens the ancient powers within your characters, their unique action skills erupting with mythic force. 'Calixer's Call' is your summons to greatness, each Calixer an epic waiting to be told, their stories and strengths now yours to command. Choose your hero, and let their tale of power and prestige unfold under your guidance.

    Cheat code #8: 08Ou2I-3qXH

    The gift code 08Ou2I-3qXH, named 'Battle Royale's Bane', crowns you as the sovereign of the solo and team fray. In this Battle Royale, your Calixer stands as the last champion, the arena collapsing but never claiming you. 'Battle Royale's Bane' is your path to the throne, each duel a step, each moment survived a coronation. As the field falls away, you remain, unyielding, unending, undefeated.

    Cheat code #9: 19Pv3J-4rYI

    Harness the chaos with 19Pv3J-4rYI, the 'Chaos Champion'. This cheat code turns the enclosed arena of Brawl mode into your coliseum, your Calixers into gladiators of the new age. With 'Chaos Champion', engage in relentless combat, aiming for those locked in battle, your presence the harbinger of their end. This cheat code doesn't just make you a fighter; it makes you the storm in the midst of calm, the whirlwind of Brawl, the architect of anarchy.

    Cheat code #10: 20Qw4K-5sZJ

    The ultimate cheat code, 20Qw4K-5sZJ, titled 'Duelist's Destiny', sets you on the path of the Build-Up mode victor. This cheat is the forge of your skill, the anvil of your will. See your opponent's Calixers and choose the counter-strategy that will dismantle them. 'Duelist's Destiny' is more than preparation; it's predestination. With this code, each 1 vs 1 game is a step towards your inevitable triumph, the first to take 3 out of 5 games hailed not just as a victor, but as a legend.
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