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    the force of 3kingdoms android, ios hack

    The yellow Turban forces led by Zhang Jiao has wanged war against the imperial court. The war spread to a small village near the border. Our village is occupied by yellow Turban army. He is marching toward us menacingly. We’d better run for our lives. Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei successfully repelled the Yellow Turban army and saved many villagers.

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    Earning all 3 stars in a stage grants you a skill point to upgrade your skills. Click on normal attack key to automatically attack. If the boss comes, use your skills to devastate him! Use skills during normal attacks to trigger combos. Combos the force of 3kingdoms can make battles more efficient!

    Participate in the World boss events on time every day to earn ornaments and lots of reputation! You may challenge high star-rank officers again for a better chance to get the card you want. The attack and health bonus of famous officers increases with your character level. Equip ornaments to increase your power level.

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