SILENT HILL: Ascension
  • SILENT HILL: Ascension Cheat codes - list

    #1: 18FzQ-7vM

    Plunge into the haunting world of SILENT HILL: Ascension with cheat code 18FzQ-7vM. Explore the decimated rust-belt town in Pennsylvania and the eerie fishing village in Norway, unveiling a mind-bending story featuring the Hernandez and Johansen families. Activate this code to receive the "Ethereal Lantern," a mystical item that reveals hidden paths and uncovers secrets in the shadowy landscapes. Illuminate the darkness, discover hidden truths, and alter the course of the SILENT HILL narrative.

    The "Ethereal Lantern" transforms your journey into an immersive experience, where the light of the lantern guides your decisions. Traverse through chilling scenes, confront new monsters, and let the ethereal glow influence your choices. With 18FzQ-7vM, you become the bearer of secrets, unraveling the mysteries that bind the characters' fates in the nightmarish world of SILENT HILL.

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    Cheat code #2: 22FvT-5oM

    Unlock hidden revelations with cheat code 22FvT-5oM in SILENT HILL: Ascension. Activate the "Truth-Seeker's Lens," a mysterious lens that allows you to peer into the fabric of reality and unveil obscured truths. Peer through the lens at critical moments, expose the hidden motivations of characters, and shape the destiny of the Hernandez and Johansen families. Activate the cheat code, gain insights with the Truth-Seeker's Lens, and become a master of unraveling enigmatic mysteries.

    The "Truth-Seeker's Lens" becomes your tool for deciphering the cryptic threads that weave through the narrative. Enhance your perception, uncover the motives behind each character's actions, and let the lens guide your decisions. With 22FvT-5oM, you hold the key to revealing the obscured truths that lurk in the dark corners of SILENT HILL.

    Cheat code #3: 19ZvQ-6iR

    Embrace the unknown with cheat code 19ZvQ-6iR in SILENT HILL: Ascension. Activate the "Enigma Amulet," a mystical amulet that shrouds you in an aura of uncertainty, making it harder for malevolent forces to predict your actions. Navigate through tense situations, confound adversaries with your unpredictable choices, and become a master of psychological warfare. Activate the cheat code, harness the power of the Enigma Amulet, and immerse yourself in the enigmatic depths of SILENT HILL.

    The "Enigma Amulet" introduces an element of unpredictability to your decisions, creating an air of mystery around your character. Keep adversaries guessing, manipulate outcomes, and let the enigma shape the narrative. With 19ZvQ-6iR, you become an enigmatic force, challenging the very fabric of reality in SILENT HILL.

    Cheat code #4: 23FzT-8oR

    Confront your fears with cheat code 23FzT-8oR in SILENT HILL: Ascension. Activate the "Courage Talisman," a potent talisman that bolsters your resolve and empowers you to face the most horrifying challenges. With this talisman, fear becomes your ally as you navigate through nightmarish scenarios, confronting the darkest corners of SILENT HILL. Activate the cheat code, wield the Courage Talisman, and become an unwavering force against the encroaching horrors.

    The "Courage Talisman" transforms your character into a beacon of bravery, enabling you to stand firm in the face of terror. Embrace the shadows, challenge your fears head-on, and let the talisman fortify your spirit. With 23FzT-8oR, you embody courage itself, facing the unspeakable horrors that lurk in SILENT HILL.

    Cheat code #5: 16ZvM-9iR

    Manipulate time itself with cheat code 16ZvM-9iR in SILENT HILL: Ascension. Activate the "Temporal Stopwatch," a mysterious device that grants you the ability to manipulate the flow of time during critical moments. Slow down or hasten events, alter the course of decisions, and unravel the temporal mysteries woven into the narrative. Activate the cheat code, wield the power of the Temporal Stopwatch, and become a master of time-bending tactics.

    The "Temporal Stopwatch" introduces a temporal dynamic to your choices, allowing you to influence the past, present, and future. Experiment with time manipulation, witness diverging timelines, and let the stopwatch be your guide. With 16ZvM-9iR, you hold the key to unlocking the temporal secrets hidden in the haunting tapestry of SILENT HILL.

    Cheat code #6: 27ZvQ-4iM

    Unleash mystical forces with cheat code 27ZvQ-4iM in SILENT HILL: Ascension. Activate the "Arcane Sigil," a powerful sigil that channels arcane energies, allowing you to perform rituals and unveil hidden dimensions. Immerse yourself in occult mysteries, decipher cryptic symbols, and become a conduit for otherworldly powers. Activate the cheat code, unlock the secrets within the Arcane Sigil, and become a master of mystical revelations.

    The "Arcane Sigil" transforms your character into a practitioner of ancient arts, opening gateways to unseen realms. Explore hidden dimensions, commune with spectral entities, and let the arcane energies guide your choices. With 27ZvQ-4iM, you become a beacon of the mystical, unraveling the occult secrets that permeate the eerie landscapes of SILENT HILL.

    Cheat code #7: 14ZvT-6oM

    Uncover hidden truths with cheat code 14ZvT-6oM in SILENT HILL: Ascension. Activate the "Ethereal Codex," a mystical codex that unveils secrets and ancient knowledge. As you traverse through the nightmarish landscapes, decipher cryptic messages, and unlock the esoteric wisdom within the codex. Activate the cheat code, peer into the Ethereal Codex, and gain insights that transcend the boundaries of reality.

    The "Ethereal Codex" becomes your guide through the arcane, revealing the hidden truths obscured by the darkness of SILENT HILL. Decode enigmatic messages, unveil the mysteries that bind the characters' fates, and let the codex be your key to enlightenment. With 14ZvT-6oM, you embark on a journey of esoteric discovery, transcending the limits of conventional understanding.

    Cheat code #8: 19GoT-8oR

    Enhance your survival instincts with cheat code 19GoT-8oR in SILENT HILL: Ascension. Activate the "Survivor's Instinct Gem," a precious gemstone that heightens your awareness and intuition in the face of danger. Navigate through treacherous environments, anticipate looming threats, and become an astute survivor. Activate the cheat code, embrace the Survivor's Instinct Gem, and let heightened instincts guide your decisions in the nightmarish world.

    The "Survivor's Instinct Gem" transforms your character into a vigilant survivor, attuned to the subtle cues of impending danger. Heightened awareness becomes your greatest asset as you navigate through the twisted realities of SILENT HILL. With 19GoT-8oR, you become a master of survival, turning the odds in your favor against the malevolent forces that lurk in the shadows.

    Cheat code #9: 22ZvS-7iM

    Unlock the power of the ancients with cheat code 22ZvS-7iM in SILENT HILL: Ascension. Activate the "Ancient Relic Key," a key that opens gateways to ancient realms and unlocks the secrets of bygone eras. Embark on a journey through mystical landscapes, discover artifacts of unimaginable power, and become a collector of ancient relics. Activate the cheat code, wield the Ancient Relic Key, and let the secrets of the ancients shape your destiny.

    The "Ancient Relic Key" transforms your character into a seeker of ancient wisdom, unlocking doors to forgotten realms. Traverse through time, collect relics of power, and let the ancient secrets guide your choices. With 22ZvS-7iM, you become a custodian of the past, unraveling the mysteries that echo through the haunting corridors of SILENT HILL.

    Cheat code #10: 26ZvK-9iR

    Embark on a treasure hunt with cheat code 26ZvK-9iR in SILENT HILL: Ascension. Activate the "Treasure Hunter's Compass," a mystical compass that points the way to hidden treasures and rare artifacts. Explore every corner of the nightmarish landscapes, unlock valuable rewards, and become a seasoned treasure hunter. Activate the cheat code, follow the guidance of the Treasure Hunter's Compass, and revel in the riches that await you in the shadowy depths.

    The "Treasure Hunter's Compass" transforms your exploration into a thrilling adventure, ensuring that every discovery is accompanied by valuable loot. Activate the cheat code, become a master treasure hunter, and let the compass lead you to the riches that lie hidden in the darkness. With 26ZvK-9iR, your journey through SILENT HILL becomes a constant pursuit of excitement and discovery.
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