Lost Realm: Chronorift
  • Lost Realm: Chronorift cheats:

    Code #1: 20ChRo-1Kpr

    Embark on an epic journey in Lost Realm: Chronorift, a fantasy RPG that transcends time and space. As the Keeper of Rift Hall, your destiny unfolds amidst stunning landscapes and mythical creatures. 20ChRo-1Kpr empowers you to guard the lost land, confronting corruptors and competing globally for glory.

    Immerse yourself in exquisite graphics and captivating storylines that reveal the secrets of Eureka and the enigmatic Realms. Choose from a diverse lineup of 100+ heroes, each with unique abilities. Unleash their potential and wield 40+ divine artifacts to augment their strength. 20ChRo-1Kpr unlocks the true potential of your heroes, enabling you to destroy corruptors with unparalleled might.

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    Code #2: 21MyTh-2Exp

    Uncover the mysteries of Lost Realm: Chronorift with 21MyTh-2Exp, where mythical tales come to life. This cheat deepens your exploration, immersing you in rich plots and captivating narratives. Activate this code to unravel the real identity of Eureka and unveil the secrets hidden within the Realms.

    The journey becomes an epic saga with 21MyTh-2Exp, shaping your understanding of the lost land's profound history. This code is your key to a world filled with twists, turns, and the enigmatic allure of Lost Realm: Chronorift.

    Code #3: 22ArTs-3Div

    Divine artifacts come to life with 22ArTs-3Div in Lost Realm: Chronorift, where strategic options expand with each activation. This cheat empowers your heroes, unlocking a realm of possibilities as you collect and wield legendary artifacts. Activate this code and witness your heroes ascend to unparalleled strength.

    As you customize your squad, 22ArTs-3Div becomes the catalyst for strategic dominance. This code ensures that your heroes are equipped with the divine essence needed to counter corruptors and triumph in battles.

    Code #4: 23CuSt-4Str

    Craft your strategy with 23CuSt-4Str in Lost Realm: Chronorift, where squad customization is the key to victory. This cheat allows you to tailor your heroes in any way you desire, from gear and skills to upgrades and awakenings. Activate this code and define your unique playstyle.

    Your heroes become a reflection of your choices with 23CuSt-4Str, ensuring that your squad plan aligns with your preferences. This code is your toolkit for success, adapting to the challenges that await in the ever-evolving Realms.

    Code #5: 24BtTl-5Triu

    Triumph in battles with 24BtTl-5Triu in Lost Realm: Chronorift, where strategic prowess defines your legacy. This cheat enhances your combat capabilities, making you an unstoppable force against corruptors. Activate this code and become the undisputed champion on the battlefield.

    As you climb the ranks in Glory and Outland Arenas, 24BtTl-5Triu ensures your dominance in thrilling arena battles. This code is your ticket to glory, solidifying your place among the legends of Lost Realm: Chronorift.

    Code #6: 25PlAy-6Epic

    Experience epic gameplay with 25PlAy-6Epic in Lost Realm: Chronorift, where diverse modes cater to different preferences. This cheat unlocks a wide range of gameplay experiences, from arena battles to assignments and elite trials. Activate this code and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of game modes.

    Whether you prefer the thrill of multiplayer battles or the challenge of brain-teasing dungeons, 25PlAy-6Epic ensures every moment is an epic adventure. This code is your invitation to explore the multifaceted realms of Lost Realm: Chronorift.

    Code #7: 26ArEf-7Boss

    Face evolving bosses with 26ArEf-7Boss in Lost Realm: Chronorift, where cooperation is the key to success. This cheat enhances your Areopagus experience, allowing you to tackle lairs of horrors with strategic coordination. Activate this code and triumph over elite trials with your Areopagus allies.

    Your journey becomes a collective effort with 26ArEf-7Boss, as you join forces to confront evolving bosses. This code transforms your adventures into a shared conquest, securing higher scores and greater rewards.

    Code #8: 27TriAl-8Wond

    Embark on the Trials of Wonderland with 27TriAl-8Wond in Lost Realm: Chronorift, where brain-teasing dungeons test your wits. This cheat introduces you to a variety of challenging dungeons, each with its own difficulties and unique Bosses. Activate this code and navigate the trials with strategic lineups.

    As you delve into Ancient Tomb, Fensalir, Trials of Light, and Gloomy Abyss, 27TriAl-8Wond becomes your guide through the labyrinth of challenges. This code ensures you emerge victorious, outsmarting Bosses and claiming triumph in the Trials of Wonderland.

    Code #9: 28MaSt-9Epic

    Master the epic with 28MaSt-9Epic in Lost Realm: Chronorift, where your mastery unlocks unprecedented upgrades. This cheat activates the Upgrade Ensemble, granting access to a myriad of powerful weapons and equipment. Activate this code and explore the treasure trove of enhancements for your beetle knight.

    As you mix and match upgrades with 28MaSt-9Epic, your beetle knight transforms into a bug-busting marvel. This code is your playground of possibilities, ensuring each encounter becomes an epic tale of valor and conquest.

    Code #10: 29ReAd-10YrFa

    Read your fate with 29ReAd-10YrFa in Lost Realm: Chronorift, where destiny is inscribed in every choice. This code unveils the threads of fate, allowing you to foresee the outcomes of your decisions. Activate this code and become the master of your own destiny.

    As you confront the unknown, 29ReAd-10YrFa grants you foresight, ensuring you navigate the complex web of Souls Surge with confidence. This code is your oracle, guiding you through the twists and turns of this multiplayer, open-world adventure.
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