Project OC
  • Project OC Code #1: PROJ-1HERO

    Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey in Project OC, the captivating Team RPG game with high-quality 3D graphics and an array of fantastic features. But what if you could enhance your adventure with a little cheat code magic?

    Enter Code #1: PROJ-1HERO, your gateway to unlocking a single, powerful hero of your choice. Imagine having a legendary champion by your side from the very beginning, ready to lead your squad to glory. This cheat code gives you the advantage you need to conquer powerful enemies and uncover the hidden truths of this fantastical world.

    Use PROJ-1HERO wisely, and let your hero evolve into a mighty warrior with unique outfits, exclusive skills, and epic abilities. Cheat your way to greatness and lead your ultimate team to victory!

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    Code #2: FANTASY-99

    Step into the world of fantasy and adventure with Code #2: FANTASY-99 in Project OC. This cheat code is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of this mesmerizing Team RPG.

    Activate FANTASY-99 to receive a treasure trove of in-game rewards, including rare items, powerful equipment, and valuable resources. With these riches at your disposal, you'll be better equipped to nurture your heroes and build an unstoppable squad.

    As you dive into strategic battles and explore the hidden truths of this world, let FANTASY-99 be your guide. Cheat the odds and turn your journey into an epic saga of triumph and glory.

    Code #3: RACE-UNITY

    In Project OC, the concept of unity among races is essential, and with Code #3: RACE-UNITY, you can strengthen the bonds between your champions.

    Use RACE-UNITY to unlock exclusive racial faction designs, allowing you to create a diverse and harmonious team of heroes. This cheat code empowers you to explore the unique skills and attributes of each race, forming the ultimate lineup capable of conquering any challenge.

    As you delve deeper into the game, remember that unity is key. Cheat destiny and let RACE-UNITY guide you towards forging an unbreakable team that transcends boundaries.

    Code #4: EVO-LEGENDS

    Unleash the power of legend with Code #4: EVO-LEGENDS in Project OC. This cheat code grants you the ability to accelerate the evolution of your heroes, transforming them into mighty legends.

    With EVO-LEGENDS, your champions will don new outfits, gain exclusive skills, and wield powerful equipment. These enhancements will make your battles even more thrilling and your victories more decisive.

    Embrace the cheat code's potential and watch as your heroes ascend to greatness. Use EVO-LEGENDS wisely, and become a legend among legends in this extraordinary world.

    Code #5: CASTLE-GROWTH

    Build your empire and fortify your squad with Code #5: CASTLE-GROWTH in Project OC. This cheat code enables you to increase your castle's level, granting you access to abundant resources and team-strengthening benefits.

    As you progress, your team will grow effortlessly, and your heroes will become more formidable. Even when offline, you can dispatch your squad to defeat unexplored regions and uncover hidden treasures on the world map.

    Embrace CASTLE-GROWTH, and let your power and rewards skyrocket. Cheat the limits of growth and lead your ultimate team to victory in this engaging Team RPG.


    Victory in Project OC is all about strategy, and Code #6, TACTICAL-VICTORY, is your secret weapon to achieving it.

    Activate TACTICAL-VICTORY to unlock diverse hero combinations and formation arrangements. This cheat code gives you the power to change the flow of battle, outwitting your opponents with different class and faction combinations.

    With access to destructive special abilities, epic area attacks, and healing skills, your raid party will be unstoppable. Victory belongs to those who organize teams with precise skills and abilities.

    Embrace the cheat code's tactical advantage and lead your squad to countless victories, forging your path to greatness in this strategic Team RPG.

    Code #7: OFFLINE-QUEST

    Even when you're away from your device, your heroes can continue their quest with Code #7: OFFLINE-QUEST in Project OC. This cheat code allows you to dispatch your squad to defeat unexplored regions and gather valuable resources, all while you're offline.

    While you're taking a break or sleeping, your heroes will tirelessly explore and return with numerous treasures from the world map. With OFFLINE-QUEST, you'll never miss out on the opportunity to enhance your team.

    Let this cheat code be your ally, maximizing your progress and rewards even when you're not actively playing. Cheat time itself and watch your heroes thrive in this immersive Team RPG.


    Forge secret alliances and unlock hidden potential with Code #8: SECRET-ALLIANCE in Project OC. This cheat code allows you to form alliances that transcend the ordinary, uniting you with other players for ultimate dominance.

    Create powerful alliances, strategize with your allies, and conquer challenges together in this mesmerizing Team RPG. With SECRET-ALLIANCE, you'll never stand alone in your quest for victory.

    Cheat the rules of isolation and embrace the strength of unity. Let this code be your guide as you lead your ultimate team to eternal glory in Project OC.


    Step through the magical portal of Code #9: MAGICAL-PORTAL in Project OC. This cheat code opens doors to mysterious realms, where untold treasures and challenges await.

    Explore hidden dimensions, uncover the secrets of the Spirimaster universe, and gather unique heroes and rare items. With MAGICAL-PORTAL, you'll embark on an adventure like no other.

    Cheat destiny and let this code guide you through uncharted territories, making your journey in Project OC truly magical and unforgettable.

    Code #10: GLORY-QUEST

    Embark on a quest for glory with Code #10: GLORY-QUEST in Project OC. This cheat code is your key to unlocking the ultimate adventure and rewards.

    Activate GLORY-QUEST to receive exclusive in-game rewards, boost your heroes' power, and embark on thrilling quests that lead to unparalleled glory. With this cheat code, your journey in Project OC will be unforgettable.

    Cheat the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with Code #10. Let it be your guiding light as you chase after glory and become a legend in this captivating Team RPG.
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