EVE Galaxy Conquest
  • EVE Galaxy Conquest Code #1: EVESPACE-1

    Prepare to embark on an interstellar journey like never before in EVE Galaxy Conquest. But what if I told you there's a cheat code that can give you a head start in this epic space strategy adventure? Introducing Code #1: EVESPACE-1.

    Activate EVESPACE-1, and you'll kickstart your legacy with a boost. You'll have access to valuable resources, upgraded spaceships, and even the recruitment of capable commanders to lead your fleets. With this cheat code, every decision you make will become a stepping stone toward crafting your galactic legend.

    Conquer the stars and expand your influence with ease using EVESPACE-1. Write your own history and become a true commander of the cosmos. Cheat the challenges of the galaxy, and let your journey begin!

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    In the vast expanse of EVE Galaxy Conquest, power is the ultimate currency, and Code #2, GALACTIC-POWER, is your key to unlocking it.

    Activate GALACTIC-POWER to amass resources, upgrade your fleets, and recruit the most formidable commanders in the galaxy. This cheat code empowers you to customize your fleet and dominate your enemies with precision.

    With access to the right ships and commanders for every mission, you'll become an unstoppable force in space. Cheat your way to galactic supremacy with GALACTIC-POWER and let your dominance shine among the stars.


    Craft your legacy among the stars with Code #3: LEGACY-BUILDER in EVE Galaxy Conquest. This cheat code is your gateway to fast-tracking your journey to greatness.

    Activate LEGACY-BUILDER to instantly boost your base building efforts, mine resources at an accelerated pace, and expand your dominion with lightning speed. With this cheat code, every step you take becomes a giant leap toward crafting your legacy in the cosmos.

    Conquer the galaxy, one strategic move at a time, and let LEGACY-BUILDER be your guiding star. Cheat the bounds of time and build a legacy that will echo through the ages.


    In the vastness of space, commanders hold the key to victory, and Code #4, COMMANDER-ELITE, is your shortcut to assembling an elite team of leaders.

    Activate COMMANDER-ELITE to recruit the most powerful commanders, each with their unique skills and strengths. This cheat code allows you to form fleets led by the best, ensuring victory in every battle.

    Customize your fleets with precision, and let your commanders dictate the course of your conquests. Cheat destiny itself with COMMANDER-ELITE, and lead your armies to glory among the stars.


    Forge powerful alliances and alliances within alliances with Code #5: ALLIANCE-POWER in EVE Galaxy Conquest. This cheat code allows you to navigate the complex web of multiplayer interactions with ease.

    Activate ALLIANCE-POWER to join corporations, form alliances, and master the art of diplomacy. This code empowers you to make valuable allies, break formidable foes, and chart your course through a lively multiplayer community.

    Every battle and victory brings you closer to mastering the multiplayer adventure. Cheat the challenges of diplomacy and alliances with ALLIANCE-POWER, and let your dominance radiate throughout the galaxy.


    Become a true Star Conqueror with Code #6: STAR-CONQUEROR in EVE Galaxy Conquest. This cheat code grants you the ability to overcome every obstacle in your path.

    Activate STAR-CONQUEROR to gain an advantage over your neighbors, be they allies or foes. With this code, you'll become an unstoppable force in epic space battles, strategically outwitting your enemies.

    Conquer the galaxy and let STAR-CONQUEROR be your guiding light. Cheat the odds and write your own history among the stars in EVE Galaxy Conquest.


    In the cosmos, resources are the lifeblood of your conquest, and Code #7, RESOURCE-RICHES, ensures you never run dry.

    Activate RESOURCE-RICHES to harvest resources at an unprecedented rate, supporting your expansion and fleet-building efforts. With this cheat code, your dominion will thrive, and your fleets will grow in strength.

    Effortlessly gather the wealth of the galaxy and cheat the limitations of scarcity with RESOURCE-RICHES. Let abundance be your ally, and lead your empire to unprecedented heights in EVE Galaxy Conquest.

    Code #8: STAR-LORD

    Become the Star Lord you were destined to be with Code #8: STAR-LORD in EVE Galaxy Conquest. This cheat code bestows upon you the wisdom and power to rule the cosmos.

    Activate STAR-LORD to unlock new technologies, expand your base, and command your fleets with unparalleled skill. This code empowers you to make decisions that shape the destiny of your galactic empire.

    Cheat the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with STAR-LORD. Let your reign among the stars be legendary, and forge a legacy that will echo throughout the cosmos.


    Master the art of cosmic diplomacy with Code #9: COSMIC-DIPLOMACY in EVE Galaxy Conquest. This cheat code grants you the charisma and wisdom to navigate the intricate alliances of the cosmos.

    Activate COSMIC-DIPLOMACY to forge alliances, negotiate peace, and turn foes into allies. With this code, you'll become a master diplomat, shaping the course of interstellar relationships.

    Cheat the complexities of diplomacy and let COSMIC-DIPLOMACY be your guiding star. Lead your empire to a future of prosperity and unity among the stars.


    Become a legend of conquest with Code #10: CONQUEST-LEGEND in EVE Galaxy Conquest. This cheat code is your path to unparalleled glory among the stars.

    Activate CONQUEST-LEGEND to embark on thrilling quests, gain exclusive rewards, and become a true master of the cosmos. With this code, your journey in EVE Galaxy Conquest will be unforgettable.

    Cheat the challenges of the galaxy and embrace the extraordinary. Let CONQUEST-LEGEND be your guiding light as you chase after glory and become a legend in this captivating space strategy adventure.
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