Galaxy Explorer: New Home
  • Galaxy Explorer Code #1: EXPL0RE-GALAXY

    Welcome to Galaxy Explorer: New Home, where the vast universe awaits your exploration. But what if I told you there's a cheat code that can enhance your interstellar journey? Introducing Code #1: EXPL0RE-GALAXY.

    Activate EXPL0RE-GALAXY, and you'll set foot on an interstellar expedition with a head start. Resources will flow effortlessly as you build your offworld base, accept trials from indigenous people, and harness the unprecedented energy source known as "LiveMetal." This cheat code empowers you to shape the new journey of humanity in this mysterious world.

    Explore the cosmos with ease, and let EXPL0RE-GALAXY be your guiding star. Cheat the challenges of planetary exploration and become a true Galaxy Explorer.

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    In Galaxy Explorer: New Home, every step you take shapes the legacy of humanity. But what if you could fast-track your legacy-building journey with Code #2: NEWHOME-LEGACY?

    Activate NEWHOME-LEGACY, and you'll witness your offworld base thrive as building modules drop from space to construct a massive outpost. With highly customizable contents, you can forge it into an impregnable military fortress or industrial base. This cheat code accelerates your progress and empowers you to conquer uncharted territory effortlessly.

    Build your legacy with confidence and let NEWHOME-LEGACY be your cornerstone. Cheat the constraints of time and create a legacy that will endure across the stars.

    Code #3: ALIEN-ALLIES

    In the vast cosmos, forging alliances can make or break your journey. That's where Code #3: ALIEN-ALLIES comes in.

    Activate ALIEN-ALLIES to enhance your diplomatic skills and establish valuable alliances with indigenous people. This cheat code empowers you to navigate the complexities of interstellar relationships effortlessly. Will you choose friendship or conflict? ALIEN-ALLIES ensures that the choice is yours.

    Master the art of cosmic diplomacy and let ALIEN-ALLIES be your guiding light. Cheat the challenges of alliances and ensure humanity's peaceful coexistence in the cosmos.


    In Galaxy Explorer: New Home, power is the key to dominance, and Code #4: POWERED-OUTPOST unlocks unprecedented power for your outpost.

    Activate POWERED-OUTPOST to harness the energy source "LiveMetal" with incredible efficiency. Your offworld base will become a force to be reckoned with, capable of defeating the Chonids and unveiling the secrets behind "LiveMetal." This cheat code ensures that your journey is filled with victories and discoveries.

    Dominate the alien world with confidence and let POWERED-OUTPOST be your source of strength. Cheat the limitations of power and establish your supremacy among the stars.


    Venture deeper into the mysteries of Astraia with Code #5: MYSTIC-EXPLORER in Galaxy Explorer: New Home. This cheat code unlocks the secrets of the alien world.

    Activate MYSTIC-EXPLORER to dive into rich thematic events, including guarding herb gardens, finding relics, and destroying Chonid tunnel networks. This code empowers you to challenge novel gameplay and uncover hidden treasures effortlessly.

    Conquer uncharted territory with ease and let MYSTIC-EXPLORER be your guide. Cheat the complexities of exploration and embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery among the stars.


    Defend your offworld base with unrivaled strength using Code #6: DEFEND-OUTPOST in Galaxy Explorer: New Home. This cheat code ensures the safety of your outpost.

    Activate DEFEND-OUTPOST to bolster your defenses with powerful long-range weapons, flying units, large combat machines, and mega-structure weapons. With this code, you'll overwhelm enemies and secure your dominion effortlessly.

    Let DEFEND-OUTPOST be your shield against threats from the cosmos. Cheat the odds and ensure the safety of your legacy among the stars.


    The battles of the future are multidimensional, and Code #7, FUTURE-BATTLES, equips you with the tools to conquer them in Galaxy Explorer: New Home.

    Activate FUTURE-BATTLES to unlock powerful long-range weapons, flying units, large combat machines, and mega-structure weapons. This cheat code empowers you to dominate your enemies with ease.

    Embrace the cheat code's potential and watch as your fleets become unstoppable. Use FUTURE-BATTLES wisely, and become a true conqueror of the cosmos.


    Become the ruler of the universe with Code #8: UNIVERSE-RULER in Galaxy Explorer: New Home. This cheat code is your ticket to ultimate dominance among the stars.

    Activate UNIVERSE-RULER to gain unparalleled wisdom and power. Unlock new technologies, expand your base, and command your fleets with unmatched skill. With this code, your destiny as a cosmic ruler is assured.

    Cheat the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with UNIVERSE-RULER. Let your reign among the stars be legendary, and shape the future of humanity's exploration.


    Unlock cosmic treasures and unveil the secrets of the universe with Code #9: COSMIC-TREASURES in Galaxy Explorer: New Home. This cheat code takes you on an epic journey of discovery.

    Activate COSMIC-TREASURES to embark on quests that lead to exclusive rewards and unique adventures. With this code, your journey in Astraia will be unforgettable.

    Cheat the challenges of the cosmos and become a true explorer among the stars. Let COSMIC-TREASURES be your guiding light as you chase after the mysteries of the alien world.

    Code #10: LEGACY-BUILDER

    Craft your legacy among the stars with Code #10: LEGACY-BUILDER in Galaxy Explorer: New Home. This cheat code is your gateway to fast-tracking your journey to greatness.

    Activate LEGACY-BUILDER to instantly boost your base building efforts, mine resources at an accelerated pace, and expand your dominion with lightning speed. With this cheat code, every step you take becomes a giant leap toward crafting your legacy in the cosmos.

    Conquer the galaxy, one strategic move at a time, and let LEGACY-BUILDER be your guiding star. Cheat the bounds of time and build a legacy that will echo through the ages.
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