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    hyper heroes android, ios hack

    Our journey begins! Bounce style heroes can bounce off between multiple largets. Before starting another battle, we should upgrade hero power, to do so, please tap on character info card. Fully equipped heroes can be promoted to higher quality. This will greatly improve their power and even unlock new skills.

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    Upgrade skill levels boost heroes’ power. Promote heroes - unlock more skills. Run into allies to trigger their combo skills. Things go tough? Pick up powerups: heal, rage boost, defense boost, fullscreen attack or hacking cheats code hyper heroes. Tank class heroes will stick to be enemies and taunt them. Tap on hero icons to cast unique skills. The promotion will unlock character combo skill. Penetration style heroes can smash trough enemies.

    Ready to do some major damage?
    Hyper Heroes is an action RPG mixed with unique marble-like gameplay. Deploy your heroes on the battlefield, then tap, swipe and release to send them smashing towards the target. So brace for impact!

    how to enter cheats hyper heroes.

  • how and where enter
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