Venator hacking
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    A small overview of the game.
    Letter cheats and codes.

    Hacked Venator android, ios

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    Venator android, ios hack

    Knight - he Is a promising heir of the Venator Clan, who was respected by many dcooIc even at a young age. But his step-mother did not like this and banished him from the town, and he lived as a lonely mercenary ever since. But he never forgot the taste of high quality life-style as a noble, and always seeks to make some money.

    Knight (female) She is separated from her brother at an early age by her stepmother. She tried to locate her brother for many years but without success. When she heard the news that her brother will return to rebuild her Clan, she sets off again to search for her brother. She tends to be soft hearted to handsome young men.

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    Knock knock! My lord game Venator, are you there? I was looking all over for you. I came to ask you to return to the town since your father, the lord of the rown has passed away. I’m sure it wasn’t your father’s true intention of expelling you from the town long time age. Everyone is hoping that you will come back. Well, i’ve delivered the message, so i must go back. I hope to see you back in our town!

    Tips Venator: training center is where you can upgrade soldiers for siege battle. Each hero possesses different skills. Maximize battle advantages by using combined effects of heroes' skills. Heroes move and attack automatically when playing in Auto Battle Mode. The position of a hero is based on the hero's class, so consider the classes when forming a group.

    Be sure to get quest first before entering a dungeon Venator. You will get great rewards and bonus EXP when you complete a quest. Of course, this will help your hero level-up faster, too! Higher Star hero has higher chance of getting higher level passive skill. [The best way is to change passive skill with 5 Star hero.)
    A hero Venator has 1 Passive Skill by default. The passive skill is set randomly when the hero Is created, and it can be changed to a different or higher level passive skill.

    how to enter cheats Venator.

  • how and where enter
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