luna chronicles prelude hacking
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    luna chronicles prelude android, ios hack

    After some time, Erega's thirst for destruction has strengthened. He now desires Sella's Holy Chalice, an artifact of immense power. He has returned to his hometown to plunder it of its treasure once more.
    Will he ever be stopped?

    You’re awake. Hunter, i’m so glad you’re okay. You’ve been passed out for the past few days. You got a 3 star Bessy! She will be of great help in your adventure. Come summon and get more allies when you need to make your party stronger. Your team is finally complete. Before you start your adventure, however, you should scout the forest near the town. In the Assignment Screen where you can assign Allies who will battle with you. YOu can deploy up to 5 allies.

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    Secrets gameplay luna chronicles prelude (android):
    Wonderful! Let’s try learning about summoning frieds. During a battle, you can summon a friend once. Climb the destiny tower - the hugher you go, the better the rewards. You can change the graphics quality in the background settings. Unique passive abilities are unlocked when you equip skill books on your allies! You’ll gain bigger rewards as you climb higher on the destiny tower.

    When obtaining an ally from your adventure, you can deploy it in battle or use it to enhance another ally. Remember, completing quests luna chronicles prelude quests from the quest book is a sure-fire way to acquire fine rewards. Gold and accessories can be found in the hell dungeon. Panter’s hall gives you a chance to acquire equipment, allies, skill books, gold, gems for free at regular intervals.

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