Overwatch 2 Support Heroes
  • Cheat Codes and Tips for Overwatch 2 Support Heroes

    Overwatch 2, the highly popular team-based first-person shooter, has continued to evolve since its launch, with new heroes, updates, and balance changes keeping the game fresh. The support class in Overwatch 2 plays a crucial role in every match, and mastering these heroes can make the difference between victory and defeat. In this guide, we'll take a deep dive into the support heroes of Overwatch 2, providing cheat codes, strategies, and tips to help you excel with each one.

    • Moira

      • Cheat Code: FadeToVictory

      • Moira is a versatile support hero with unique abilities. Her Biotic Orb can be used to both heal allies and damage enemies. To maximize her healing output, use the healing orb when your team needs a quick health boost.

      • Moira's Fade ability allows her to quickly reposition or escape from danger. Use it wisely to stay alive and continue supporting your team.

      • Cheat Code: BioticBalance

      • Moira's healing resource, displayed as a meter, regenerates over time. To ensure you always have healing available when your team needs it, alternate between healing and dealing damage to enemies.

      • Coordinate with your team to use Moira's Coalescence ultimate ability effectively, as it can heal multiple teammates at once while damaging enemies.

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    • Lifeweaver

      • Cheat Code: EternalPlatform

      • Lifeweaver's Petal Platform can provide vertical mobility for your team. Use it strategically to reach high ground or escape danger.

      • The Life Grip ability can save a teammate from a dangerous situation, but it has a long cooldown. Reserve it for critical moments.

      • Cheat Code: AdaptiveKit

      • Lifeweaver lacks direct healing abilities outside of his ultimate. Prioritize healing your teammates with your primary weapon and use your machine gun for self-defense.

      • Coordinate with your team to make the most of Lifeweaver's ultimate, which provides a significant health boost to your allies on a contested objective.

    • Brigitte

      • Cheat Code: ShieldAndStrike

      • Brigitte's small shield can absorb some damage, making her a durable support hero. Use it to protect yourself and allies.

      • Her healing packs provide burst healing over time. Keep an eye on your teammates' health bars and toss healing packs when needed.

      • Cheat Code: BattleSupport

      • Brigitte excels in close-quarters combat. Play her on maps with tight spaces and prioritize healing while engaging enemies.

      • Her Inspire ability heals allies in a radius when she deals damage. Be aggressive but maintain awareness of your team's positioning.

    • Lucio

      • Cheat Code: AmpItUpSpeed

      • Lucio's speed boost can help your team engage or disengage quickly. Use it at the right time to gain a tactical advantage.

      • His Sound Barrier ultimate ability provides a massive shield to your team. Time it well to counter enemy ultimates.

      • Cheat Code: WallRidingPro

      • Master Lucio's wall-riding ability to access unique vantage points and surprise your enemies.

      • Communicate with your team to maximize the impact of Lucio's area-of-effect healing. Stick together for best results.

    • Illari

      • Cheat Code: BeamAndBlink

      • Illari excels at both healing and dealing damage. Her rapid-healing beam can save critical teammates, so prioritize healing when necessary.

      • Use Illari's pylon strategically to provide continuous healing in a specific area. It can be a game-changer during team fights.

      • Cheat Code: PrecisionMarksman

      • Aim for critical shots with Illari's kunai to deal maximum damage. Practice your accuracy to become a lethal support.

      • Coordinate with your team to use Kiriko's ultimate ability, making your entire team invulnerable during crucial moments.

    • Zenyatta

      • Cheat Code: OrbMaster

      • Zenyatta's orbs are his primary tools for healing and damaging. Keep an orb on a priority target to maximize your impact.

      • His ultimate ability, Transcendence, provides invincibility and massive healing to your team. Use it to counter enemy ultimates.

      • Cheat Code: PrecisionMonk

      • Zenyatta's attack requires precise aim. Practice landing shots to make the most of his damage potential.

      • Use Discord Orb on high-priority targets like enemy tanks to help your team focus fire and eliminate threats.

    • Kiriko

      • Cheat Code: TeleportingSavior

      • Kiriko's teleport ability allows her to quickly reach teammates in need of healing. Use it to your advantage for swift support.

      • Her cleanse ability can remove negative effects from teammates, making her invaluable in countering enemy debuffs.

      • Cheat Code: KunaiExpert

      • Aim for critical shots with Kiriko's kunai to deal maximum damage. Practice your accuracy to become a lethal support.

      • Coordinate with your team to use Kiriko's ultimate ability, making your entire team invulnerable during crucial moments.

    • Mercy

      • Cheat Code: GuardianAngel

      • Mercy's Guardian Angel ability enables her to fly to teammates in need. Use it to maintain mobility and reach critical allies quickly.

      • Her damage boost can significantly amplify your team's damage output. Prior

        itize boosting your damage-dealing teammates.

      • Cheat Code: ResurrectSavior

      • Mercy's Resurrect ability can turn the tide of a battle by reviving fallen teammates. Use it strategically to maintain your team's advantage.

      • Don't forget to use her Valkyrie ultimate ability to enhance her healing and damage-boosting capabilities during crucial team fights.

    • Baptiste

      • Cheat Code: ImmortalityField

      • Baptiste's Immortality Field can save your team from deadly ultimates. Deploy it at the right moment to keep your allies alive.

      • His Biotic Launcher can deal damage and heal in an area. Balance between damage and healing based on the situation.

      • Cheat Code: PrecisionBurst

      • Practice landing precision shots with Baptiste's burst-fire weapon to maximize your damage potential.

      • Coordinate with your team to use Amplification Matrix, his ultimate ability, to increase the damage of friendly attacks and secure team wipe moments.

    • Ana

      • Cheat Code: SleepDartMaster

      • Ana's Sleep Dart can disrupt enemy abilities and save your team from threats. Aim carefully to land crucial sleeps.

      • Use her Biotic Grenade to anti-heal enemies, making them vulnerable to your team's attacks.

      • Cheat Code: NanoBoostTactics

      • Ana's Nano Boost ultimate ability can turn a teammate into a powerhouse. Coordinate with high-impact ultimates for maximum effect.

      • Ana's long-range healing allows her to support her team from a safe distance. Stay aware of your team's positioning to provide healing when needed.

    In Overwatch 2, mastering the support heroes requires teamwork, communication, and adapting to the ever-changing battlefield. Experiment with different support heroes, practice your skills, and use these cheat codes and tips to become a formidable support player. Remember, the right support hero can make all the difference in securing victory for your team. Good luck, and may your healing be swift!
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