Microsoft's Galaxy Explorer
  • Microsoft's Galaxy Explorer - An Open-Source HoloLens Project

    Discover Galaxy Explorer, a groundbreaking open-source Windows Mixed Reality application initiated during the HoloLens 'Share Your Idea' campaign in March 2016. With continuous updates and expanded platform support, this project offers an immersive exploration experience.

    Supported Platforms:

    • HoloLens 2

    • HoloLens (1st gen)

    • Windows Mixed Reality Headsets (VR)

    • Windows 10 Desktop

    Application Building Blocks:

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    • Building & Running the Application

    • Application Flow

    • Audio System

    Explore the structure of the application, its scenes, and sound elements.

    Galaxy, Solar System, Galactic Center:

    • Galaxy Creation & Rendering

    • Solar System Elements

    • Galactic Center Scene

    Dive into the details of how the universe is brought to life within the application.

    Force Pull Interaction, Force Grab Interaction:

    • "Force Grab" Interaction

    • Points of Interest

    • Menu System

    Learn about interaction mechanisms, points of interest, and the application's menu system.

    About Galaxy Explorer:
    Galaxy Explorer is a project developed by Microsoft as part of the Share Your Idea campaign.

    Resources: Project Stats:

    • Stars: 929

    • Watchers: 168

    • Forks: 346

    • Contributors: 25

    Explore this open-source project and its remarkable features. For in-depth documentation, visit Microsoft Docs.

    Galaxy Explorer: An Open-Source HoloLens Project

    Discover Galaxy Explorer, an open-source HoloLens app that originated from the "Share your idea" campaign. Join the journey from idea sharing to code sharing. Download it from the Windows Store for HoloLens 1st gen.

    Key Highlights:

    • Innovative HoloLens app

    • Developed collaboratively with the community

    • Detailed development journey in video episodes

    • Case study: "Creating a galaxy in mixed reality"

    • Meet the dedicated development team

    Explore the galaxy in mixed reality with Galaxy Explorer. Get inspired, get involved
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