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    adventure company android, ios hack

    Boss we're finally here! Do you really think the legends are true?! We'll just have to find out won't we? Muster up the fighters and explore the area, we have riches to find! Boss, we're gonna need more fighters for this next area. One guy can't cover all that ground! Right right, take what you need and get us another fighter. But this better lead us to more profit in the future!

    Don't forget we have two locations to explore today, so only one fighter can clear each area. Swipe left to view the next location.

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    Secrets gameplay adventure company (android):
    Skills require mana that is shared by your fighters. Nicely done commander it looks like your fighters are getting stronger! Maybe they deserve promotions? Promotions cost gems, but I found a small stash in a back room. Use these while we look for more! Well deserved! Each class has a different set of skills and stats, so be sure to experiment with different teams and combinations!

    Before we move on, you should know: whenever we complete a bonus abjective in a location adventure company, our sponsors let us get special bonuses. Let me show you! We can allocate our stars to any bonuses we want. And if we want to change them in the future, it's just a small fee!

    The experience earned from an area is split evenly, so the more fighters there are the less experience they'll each earn afterwards. But it should make the battle much easier!

    how to enter cheats adventure company.

  • how and where enter
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    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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