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      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack vip status - 2gsw10;

    • master key - xogfFy. 20 keys will be given with the start of a stage.;

    • rubies - Faas1E;

    • pet tickets - ga7dw2;

    • Level up heroes to increase stats, abilities and extra skills- grs6Qw; Level up to the highest level to get additional rewards.

    • gold coins - xr3Gyy;

    • diamond gem - F8p1fE. Collect diamonds to challenge the draw for more powerful pets;

    • unlimited mana and health- aso9rQ.

    dungeon dash android, ios hack

    Pandemonia, peaceful world where the war between good and evil ended. Verdant stone, mysterious meteorite had guided the balance of Pandemonia. To serve this mysterious power, people of Pandemonia had protected the stone. But the shadow of the devil was cast over Pandemonia after long and peaceful time. Abraxas, very incarnation of the evil had been aiming to steal power of the stone. He was coming from the ancient who sold his own soul to the devil for his greed and domination.

    One day Abraxas's men stole the stone while everyone was satisfied with long peace. Chaos came to the world without the stone. Then, heroes from everywhere have gathered to regain the peace of Pandemonia.

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game dungeon dash! My name cheat-on.com who will serve as a guide for you. You must be unfamiliar with this at first. Let me tell you how to go on an adventure. First touch the STAGE on the world map. The orange gauge on the top left of the screen will show your health. Collision with the monsterjust now will decrease health. Be careful. Your adventure will fail when health reaches 0. It is useful to know that high-level heros dungeon dash have tremendous unique skills and high stats.

    A skill can be used to strongly attack a wide range but consumes mana. However, you need to use your skills wisely during the game because mana is slowly recovered. D'oh! Have you worried about the diminishing health because it hasn't been recovered? health can be recovered from health potion while mana can be recovered from mana potion

    Secrets gameplay dungeondash (android):
    The 5th way to get stronger - Relics. You can get relic during the adventure. Experience the amazing ability of relics. Daily reward will be given by mail. Health Potions and Mana Potions: Health potions will recover Health, and Mana potions recover fill Mana. The HeroXFriend, Angel
    Touching the angel frequently encountered during each stage will allow you to get potions, keys, etc.

    Shield of Patience - Decreases damage from monsters
    dungeondash hack cheat

    Pets dungeondash :
    A strong warrior, one of the demigod defenders, returned to its strength even after absorbing a sacrifice to break the enchantment of the devil.
    Like heros, the pets also have different stats depending on their individual levels and characteristics.

    how to enter cheats dungeon dash.

    Do you know there are various heroes available in the word of Dungeon Dash? You can hire heroes whose levels can be from C to S. You need to achieve quests to hire high-grade heros. Your heroes can be stronger with golds.

    Heroes Dungeon dash: Yonoo -elbaf warriors, rionell - the king of the dwarfs, zino - complaints of the rocks,

    The heros have different stats depending on their individual levels and characteristics.
  • how and where enter
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