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    elsword evolution android, ios hack

    Have you heard of the red calvary? She has flame-like long hair, she is the legendary invincible female warrior, and she is my sister. I grew up seeing my sister being powerful, I have been wanting to walk her footsteps. If I become stronger, stronger than anyone, I may be able stand next to her. In order to achieve this dream, to be able to meet my sister again, I am training myself everyday. To train myself, I joined the Earl's search unit, and have become the youngest member there to protect the power of Earl and to maintain the peace of the mainland.

    The Earl fragments of Maqui village were stolen by thieves, the Stone of Earl is an important energy resource to maintain peace in the village and the forest of Earl, it must not be stolen! I came to this nearby forest chasing the thieves, and found out that the thieves are scattered everywhere, the Earl fragments are in the hands of a huge monster......! Damn, Earl fragments must not be taken away, hurry to catch up with the monster!

    While Exorde is thinking of taking the Earl fragments elsword evolution back to Maqui, he then found out the real target of the bandits, which is the huge Earl on the Tree of Earl. Maqui will be in a big catastrophe if the Stone of Earl has been taken away! Exorde followed the traces left behind by the bandits, and ventured into the abyss of the forest.

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    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game elsword evolution!Passing stage of the main dungeons will
    allows you to use Tree of Earl's fruits to proceed with raiding! Joining the clan will allows you to participate in mora, mine digging and dungeon challenge. A title will be given when personality value reaches a certain stage by sending flowers, increases power as well! Energy will recovers by 1 point on every 5 minutes! Upgrade sub-element phylum, able to increase self power, receive lots more of illusional beast at the same time!

    Secrets gameplay elsword evolution (android):
    Blue is your Mage Point, that will consume. Fruits picked from the Tree of Earl can raid the main level for many times. Champion of Flowers weekly ranking receives: Captivating Charm! Log into the game daily and take attendance will allows you to receive rewards, do not forget about it! Daily 12pm and 8pm, At will invites you to have meal (Recovers 50 energy), do not forget! Fashion costume can increast power and make the adventur easier

    Heroes elsword evolution: Reina - A fairy little girl who walks away from the fairy forest to experience life, familiar with short bow and close combat. Aysha - A genius lolita sorcerer who mastered all magic, smooth operation of magic does not seem. Exorde - a young man who works hard to chase the footsteps of his sister, a little nerdy.

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