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    Hacked war commander global android, ios

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    war commander global android, ios hack

    Our base is being attacked by the rebel army. We can't wail for our troops to return. Please can we use Missile support. Commander, radar detective suggests that the enemies are all destroyed, but our base needs reconstructing. Please prepare to defend the next attack. Commander, we've already defeated the rebel army, but our city is also damaged. A thousand things need to be done. Now you need to lead us to reconstruct our city. The eco-framland plant produces and stores food. We can produce powerful troops with enough food.

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    Welcome game war commander global! First.we need a raw ore purifier. Cash is of vital importance for our development. The rew ore purifier produces and stores highly-energized minerals, upgrade it to get more production and capacity. Commander, we need to build an eco-farmland plant to produce food without spending cash. Other factories are required to produce other arms of services.
    The Command center provides an overview of your army, upgrade it to unlock new buildings and functions

    Secrets gameplay war commander global(android):
    Cash is the major resource of building construction, so you can build when you have cash. The use of gold coin can finish building your troops quickly! Commander, huge resources can be found on the World Map. Click Suggested missions, and you can check your mission objectives. Finishing your missions consistently will allow you to receive an abundance rewards.

    Commander, you have good knowledge about how to build troops and collecting methods. Lead us to power!

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