hacking magic city legend of storm
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    Hacked magic city legend of storm android, ios

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    magic city legend of storm android, ios hack

    The Lich King must pay the price for what he has done, we must not let him destroy the world. Depraved Arthas put Ner’zhul’s crown on, became the new Lich King, commanding thousands of undead in Northend to destroy Lordaeron. The butcher and Bloodseeker appear together, hooked target receives so much damage, it's really hard to survive.

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    Welcome game magic city legend of storm! Legion location will decide whether the legion skills to launch, the defeault position is not strong enough, there are a lot of room for improvement, please be sure to adjust! Single recruit free every 46 hours. Unable to use magic in Cooldown, some magic has no cooldown. Battle field has 3 lines 19 slots, left side 9 slots is our side. Daily quest is a major EXP resource for king. Be sure to check and completed in time. Each legion has multiple units, the number under the legion is current units.

    Secrets gameplay magic city legend of storm (android):
    Automatic function helps you cost magic. Tap Blank space to turn off interface. Player can only cast magic, legion will attack automatically. Know about the enemy's skill is very important. Drag own legion to change their position. King magic consumes Mana, with the exception of Mana Spring. Movement decied how many slots a legion can move, low movement is not necessarily a disadvantage. When units reduced, legion attacks will decrease. Goldmine produce gold, time is of the essence! Collect gold, then enhance gears! Upgrade gold mine to gain more gold.

    how to enter cheats magic city legend of storm.

  • how and where enter
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